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Worst time you were ever pulled over by a cop

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    January 5, 2010 11:36 PM PST
    A few years ago I was pulled over by a Motorcycle officer for running a stop sign. I wanted to show respect to the officer so everything the officer ask me was answered with a yes sir or no sir. This went on for a minute or so and the officer appeared to be getting pissed, and I didn't know why. As the officer was writting the ticket it dawned on me this is a chick with a mustache. How the hell was I to know ......she had a mustache equal to mind.
    I know one thing if I was in a bar fight I wanted her on my side!!!

    Night Dragon
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    January 6, 2010 12:32 AM PST
    Worst = not sure
    Most embarrassing = Pulled over for 90 in a 30, partially on 1 wheel & after officer checks paper work says "at your age you should know better" & sends me on my way. Big time shriveler.
  • January 6, 2010 2:29 AM PST

    Night Dragon, as a retired cop I've know a few female cops like that an they do come in handy in a bar fight.
    Worst - I'm with 99Savage, not sure either.
    Dumbest - The wife and I were stopped coming off the interstate in Mareitta, GA. The Trooper pulled us over and his explanation was I was doing a wheelie down the Interstate on my Heritage with the wife on the back. I tried to explain to him that everytime I go over 70 mph the wife turns on my cruise conrol, swift smacks to the back of my head. I saw this was going to take awhile so I reached inside my jacket for my cigarettes and he started for his gun, even after I showed him my license and my cop ID. This guy just didn't have a clue. After 15 minutes of stupid questions he finally told us to be on our way. So if your riding through the Georgia night, don't get off the interstate in Mareitta.
  • January 6, 2010 2:50 AM PST
    PBurg, you think that has anything to do with the minimum wage they pay down there?

    My last and only stop on a bike was on I-5 in Seattle about 27 years ago. Fuel light on, boxed in on the center lane by three trucks, to my right a trooper. I had my signal on for about two miles when there was finally enough room to get in front of the trooper. I kept the signal on and took the exit because the bike was sputtering at this point. He followed me and hit the lights. Ticket for unsafe pass, I pushed the bike to the gas station... Just sent in the fine becuase I was on deployment during the court date.
  • January 6, 2010 4:11 AM PST
    I have only been stopped on the bike, once! I had been to lunch with a friend at a local golf course club-restaurant. I had one drink at the beginning of the meal and only water after that, so lunch took about an hour. I had ridden my Honda CB 450, first ride of the decent weather (Puget Sound area--April). After leaving the restaurant, I decided to take a little twisty road to get back home and to enjoy the riding weather. As I was coming down a hill, the bike rear wheel seemed to be wobbling so I did a couple of in-and-outs down the center line on the road (hardly ever any traffic on this road). As soon as reached the bottom of the hill, a siren from behind me told me I'd been had! A local sheriff's deputy was taking the same road and observed the in-and-outs. The first thing he asked was . . . "Have you been drinking?" He got the story of one drink . . . . etc. He suggested the next time the back tire felt wobbly, that I take to a service station and check the air in the tire! Have a nice day! Whew!
  • January 6, 2010 4:23 AM PST
    Going to give you a little friendly crap here Rdcnsir... hope you take it in fun

    Well, officer,,, the back wheel on my bike felt like it was about to fall off and I was worried that it might cause a crash, so I thought the only way to be safe would be to crank it up to about 105 and see how it handles doing some turtle slaloming. I guess it's fine, so thanks for asking...
  • January 6, 2010 4:26 AM PST
    No problem!! That was my first bike and I was young and ignorant about the 'do's and 'dont's' of what you should and should not do when the back wheel tells you something that might hurt you!
  • January 6, 2010 4:28 AM PST
    Just funnin brother.

    When anyone gets stopped, it ALWAYS sounds like a lame excuse I am sure.
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    January 6, 2010 6:33 AM PST
    A sheriff passed me and did the turn around with lights flashing and pulled me over. After running my name he asked where was I going?
    Told him I just rode back from the lake headed to the house. After a few more questions he told me I matched the description of a murder!!!
    I asked what the description was. The description was and I quote "white male on a black bike, wearing a black helmet and black leather coat".

  • January 6, 2010 6:39 AM PST
    Murder? Matched the suspect? or the victim?
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    January 6, 2010 6:47 AM PST
    Pulled over by traffic corp coming out of Dublin one time, i was riding a fireblade at about 120........... Cop says to me " would you be taking off or landing, sir"...after a heated discussion on the football game i was at , he left me go with a caution, lucky we supported the same team.
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    January 8, 2010 9:40 AM PST
    Funny posts in NYC we got alot of young offices with peach fuzz mustaches just feelin their oats. As a former LEO I wish they would justy mature 'on the job' and realize that if no one is bleeding or dead just chill out...A lil respect goes along way ( or as i call it..'mental masturbation'). If you do get sa ticket you jjust have to eat that one them, i guess. I try to take the pre-emptive attack and salute them as soon as we make eye contact.....Been there done that.....ive evolved into a biker now and not lookin back....
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    January 8, 2010 9:53 AM PST
    waz out about last june time ,went down st'machar rd in aberdeen ,never seen the cops in their car on ma left hand side ,so i went down at a speed about 60mph on a 40mph ,got to the roundabout at the bottom of the rd seen the blue lights ,so i flew up the road and made them chase me for a bit ,got to the next corner then got off ma bike and waited for them to come round ,the two cops got out ,male n female ,and thanked me for stoping ,lol, never even looked at my bike ,and they said they thought i might have been going to fast " i said never id dont do that ,they said they were not out to catch folks on bikes ,then they went off ,thank **** had baldy tyres an ilegal end can ,and sml number plate ,phew .
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    January 8, 2010 5:56 PM PST
    I have not had one on a bike yet but I was riding home from another VA appointment. we were riding back from Ganesville, Fl. 2 Cages Drag racing down I-75 passed us like we were sleeping in a parking lot (and we were doing 73-74ish and limit is 70). Less then 1/8th mile I saw something to my right just off the road and pointed at it to my friend behind me. The next thing we saw is a motorcycle cop pull on the interstate like he was riding a crotch rocket with the rear wheel fish tailing and smoking like they were at a bike rally. He caught up to them and pointed to both of them (we both speed up to watch), one infront of him the other behind him and hand on his weapon waiting for them both to stop. We passed him cheering and he gave a thumbs up and a nod.
  • January 8, 2010 6:25 PM PST
    I have found that telling the truth and saying as little as possible works for me. Last May one the first nice day of the year I was ridding along the lake front heading into Cleveland to meet some buds. The road goes from a 2 lane to 4 on this long bridge the speed limit is 35 but it seems everyone speeds up as soom as they get on the 4 lane. I had lived in this area and knew it was a speed trap. There was no one else on the road and I was just feeling the ride. Think I was doing about 55 and up ahead I see the cop walk out on to the road. He ask why I was going so fast as I can tell hes checking out my bike, I was on the woody, I just told him sorry I just got cought up in the moment beeing the first ride of the year. He told me to slow down, nice bike and let me go
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    January 9, 2010 12:05 AM PST
    I was pulled over once when I was about twenty three by a cop who asked me to produce my documents after he had established where I had been and where I was going. He was very aggressive and demanded I empty my pockets etc. After about twenty minutes it all came to an end after he got a call on his radio.
    I politely asked him what had happened and he said there had been a robbery at a nearby shop, two men on a black motorcycle with full face helmets one white and one red and dressed in brightly colored track suits.
    Well I absolutely fell around the place laughing much to his annoyance because a) I was alone, b) my Z1 was white, not just white but brilliant white , ex police white, c) I had a half face helmet that was black and d) I was dressed in head to toe in black leathers.
    I thought he was going to arrest me for being to happy he was so pissed off!
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    January 9, 2010 1:29 AM PST
    JimandTerri wrote...
    Murder? Matched the suspect? or the victim?

    Didn't ask, should of 

  • January 9, 2010 1:53 AM PST
    MY brothers and i were coming from a bikers event this summer and a few guys at the fuction said they had some good (smoke)so they said they hook me up to check it out,when it was time to leave we just left forgetting about being hook up ,my homeboy tape it on my windshield,as we were leaveing the event ,the local police were doing there check outside the event about a block away,they stop us and one office ask had i had anything do drink or was i smokeing anything no i answer, he said you sure ,hell yea i'm what kind of question is that ,i said to the officer,then he pointed to my windshield and showed me the( good smoke)that was tape to it,i almost shitted on my self ,but the rest of the screamingeagles bust out laughing that the cop started to laugh,and because it was so funny the cop said if didn't have anything else,there wouldn't be a promblem,glad i don't ride DIRTY!!!!!SOLIDER
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    January 9, 2010 2:18 AM PST
    Has anyone ever tried this....just wondering if this would work....The police always ask why are you driving so fast or something like that.........What if you said: Sir do you want the truth, or do you want me to make up something clever....most of the time I would think they would respond with the truth......ok ......"I have to SHIT"!

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    January 9, 2010 4:49 AM PST
    nightdragon, you are as mad as a bag of cats!
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    January 9, 2010 5:08 AM PST
     Of course none of us would mind stopping for this cop.....................

  • January 9, 2010 5:41 AM PST
    My girlfriend, husband and I were headed to the ROT rally. My husband was leading, then it was me, and then my girlfriend on her bike. We exited and had to quickly cross 4 lanes of traffic quickly, had our blinkers on, and hand signaled to the right. My husband took off, and my girlfriend and I got pulled over. When we asked why he pulled us over, the officer explains, we weren't speeding, we signalled properly etc... He asked for our i.d. and ran a check on us and proceeded to ask us questions on texas motorcycle laws... All we could figure out is we were pulled over because we were two woman riding our own bikes...
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    January 10, 2010 2:51 AM PST
    He just wanted your numbers! lol
  • January 10, 2010 3:57 AM PST
    Bout 15yrs ago I was driving the the family cage back from the Oregon coast to Portland with the wife n all three kids in the cage when a State Cop comming at me clocked me at 15 over, as he turned around I told the kids to "Watch this" it's all about politness n being organized.. I yes sired him and opened my envolope with insurance/registration cards handed it over n told the family because of my politness n organization and clean record I'll get off, he came back in less than 3 minutes n handed me a $140 ticket...none the less I allowed the kids to play the game PORK all the way home...
  • January 10, 2010 4:12 AM PST
    Bout 10 years ago, was just out enjoying a gorgeous day on my at the time KZ-1000 Police bike. Wasn't speeding, or any of that but I'd just left the bar...had a bout 3 in me. Well, no idea where he came from but there he was flashing his stuff. Pulled me over, said put yer wallet away, inquired about the bike saying it was like the one he rode when he first became a cop, gave me a card and said call me when ya sell it. Damn near had a heart attack that day.