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  • Harley-Davidson Illegally Restricted Right to Repair

    Posted Jun 23 by RevBigJohn

    1 Comment 89 Views

    Federal Trade Commission Says Harley-Davidson Illegally Restricted Right to Repair This morning the Federal Trade Commission (FTC Read More...

  • Who Won the Brawl California

    Posted Jun 23 by RussBrown


    Interview with Pro Stunt Rider Nate Colvin who won 1st Place in 2022’s Brawl #2 held at San Diego Harley Davidson San Diego, California. The Brawl motorcycle stunt competitions are national crowd-pleasers deserv Read More...

  • House Motorcycle Caucus Grows by 39%!

    Posted Jun 16 by RevBigJohn

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    It’s been one month since the Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s Bikers Inside the Beltway event and our efforts are paying off.An updated membership list of the House Motorcycle Caucus was released last Read More...

  • Feds Seek Comments on Motorcycle Study

    Posted May 25 by RevBigJohn


    The federal government plans on studying aspects of motorcycle safety and it is asking for your comments. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will begin collecting data from motorists in th Read More...

  • New Hampshire Passes "Prohibiting Motorcycle Profiling"

    Posted May 23 by RevBigJohn


    Friday, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed HB 1000, a bill titled “Prohibiting Motorcycle Profiling.” This bipartisan bill was sponsored by 10 different members of the New Hampshire House of Represent Read More...

  • “Speaking freely”

    Posted May 9 by RevBigJohn


    Bikers Inside the Beltway – “Let us refuse to be silent! Speaking freely is a decisive step forward on the road to freedom” -- Leyla Zana “Speaking freely” since its fir Read More...

  • IMS Shows Canceled for 2022

    Posted May 9 by EventMan


      All IMS Events have been cancelled for 2022.  The shows were known in the past as International Motorcycle Shows & Progressive International Motorcycle Show and more recently as IMS Outdoors. Here is the Read More...

  • Dear colleague...

    Posted May 8 by RevBigJohn


    With just 10 days before Bikers Inside the Beltway, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) is gearing up to take our message to Capitol Hill. Co-Chairman of the House Motorcycle Caucus, Rep. Tim W Read More...

  • Bikers Inside the Beltway

    Posted May 3 by RevBigJohn

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    The Motorcycle Riders Foundation has completed the preliminary work to pave the way to Washington, D.C., your attendance at Bikers Inside the Beltway will make a difference. You still have time to take part in this exer Read More...

  • May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

    Posted May 1 by RevBigJohn

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    Sunday marks the start of May and the beginning of Motorcycle Awareness Month. Across the country, state and local governments are issuing proclamations raising awareness of motorcycle related issues. If your local gover Read More...

  • Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) 2022 State Rallies

    Posted Apr 26 by EventMan


    The Christian Motorcycle Association State Rallies are a great opportunity to build relationships with CMA members from around your state, meet the National Evangelist for your region, network with other chapters, and Read More...

  • Paving the Way & Rolling Toward Washington, D.C.

    Posted Apr 22 by RevBigJohn


    BIKERS INSIDE THE BELTWAY 2022 -- Paving the Way & Rolling Toward Washington, D.C. The groundwork to pave the metaphorical roads to Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill took time and commitments from freedom loving mot Read More...

  • Self-Driving Cars

    Posted Apr 20 by RevBigJohn


    During every Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) presentation around the country, we lay out our agenda, which includes concerns over the deployment of self-driving or autonomous vehicles. One point that is hammered home Read More...

  • Bikers Inside the Beltway 2022

    Posted Apr 19 by RevBigJohn


    Paving the Way & Rolling Toward Washington, D.C. Bikers Inside the Beltway, less than a month away and the Motorcycle Riders Foun Read More...

  • MRF Flash Alert

    Posted Apr 12 by RevBigJohn


    Tuesday, at an event in Iowa, President Biden announced plans by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to temporarily lift the summer restrictions on the sale of gasoline with 15% ethanol (E15).  The decision wi Read More...

  • Another Successful Heartland STEAM in the Books!

    Posted Apr 8 by RevBigJohn


    Last weekend, ABATE of Illinois hosted the 32nd Annual Heartland STEAM Convention in Springfield, Illinois. Riders from Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin gathered to share Read More...

  • Redwood Run 1979

    Posted Mar 31 by MountainMommy1314

    1 Like 199 Views

    Ridin' through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die The photo I'm attaching belongs to a dear family m Read More...

  • shattered spine

    Posted Mar 26 by mperrin0001

    1 Comment 1,865 Views

    OK, so being a 56 year old construction worker has it's drawbacks. I shattered a disk in my spine. Doctor says he can put me back together. but he also says i can F**k it up again. So, I gotta make my 08 roadking ride re Read More...

  • Where Does Your State Rank?

    Posted Mar 25 by RevBigJohn

    1 Comment 282 Views

    Last month the Motorcycle Riders Foundation released our first call to action of 2022. The call to action was related to H. Res 366, the anti-motorcyclist profiling resolution in the House o Read More...

  • Life After a Near Death Experience

    Posted Mar 18 by RussBrown

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    Life as a police officer can be a great but deadly career. As police officers, we kiss our family goodbye and hope that we get to see them after our shift. As police officers, we know there is a chance that we may not be Read More...

  • Antelope Valley Motorcycle Off-Roading

    Posted Mar 11 by RussBrown


    The Antelope Valley has approximately 2200 square miles, and most of the antelope valley is dirt. There are hundreds of dirt roads all over the Antelope Valley that allow the adventurous riders to travel for hundreds of Read More...

  • Transportation Funding Unlocked

    Posted Mar 11 by RevBigJohn


    This week the House and Senate are tackling a self-imposed deadline to pass funding legislation before government departments and agencies run out of money. To avoid a government shutdown, a large omnibus spending bill i Read More...

  • NHTSA Overview of Motor Vehicle Crashes in 2020

    Posted Mar 3 by RevBigJohn


    On Wednesday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its Overview of Motor Vehicle Crashes in 2020. This report provides a snapshot of crashes, fatalities, and injuries sust Read More...

  • The Water Monitor

    Posted Mar 2 by Edgewalker54

    2 Likes 209 Views

    The Water Monitor   Back in the late 80’s, maybe the early 90’s I decided I wanted a Water Monitor lizard. “The Asian water monitor is a powerful and intelligent reptile that has a prehistoric ap Read More...

  • Please support Antiprofiling House Resolution 366

    Posted Feb 19 by RevBigJohn


    Members of the House of Representatives left D.C. last week for two weeks of recess. While they are away their staff members are sorting through constituent mail and reviewing legislative priorities. Now is a great time Read More...

  • Penny Osiecki Is Being Naughty And Doing Good With Hogs&Heifers

    Posted Feb 18 by RussBrown


    Penny Osiecki has been running events at Hogs & Heifers in Las Vegas, NV, full time since 2017 and has helped them grow their diverse community, making it a hot spot destination to stop for motorcyclists and anyone looki Read More...


    Posted Feb 17 by RevBigJohn


    BIKERS INSIDE THE BELTWAY 2022 --Paving the Way for the Long Haul Bikers Inside the Beltway – Since 2009 the MRF has brought over a thousand Read More...

  • 40 years of Motorcycle Journalism with Michael Lichter

    Posted Feb 11 by RussBrown


    Long-time motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter talks about his experiences from a 40-year career in motorcycle journalism, including some of his trade secrets on getting great photos. He shares perspectives from exper Read More...

  • Threats from Europe

    Posted Feb 2 by RevBigJohn


    The last few months have seen troublesome news for the motorcyclist community in Europe. Yesterday, the website reported on a new threat to motorcyclists in Paris, France. Officials there are taking aim at Read More...

  • Class of 2022 Motorcycle Riders Foundation Hall of Fame

    Posted Feb 1 by RevBigJohn


    Nominees Wanted - Class of 2022 Motorcycle Riders Foundation Hall of Fame The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Hall of Fame (MRFHOF) was introduced at the Meeting of the Minds in Denver, Colorado. This institution was creat Read More...