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To Drink... or Not To Drink...

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    August 2, 2012 12:14 PM PDT
    That is the question I pose to all who read. No, I’m not talking about drinking and driving, riding or even walking (which I do as seldom as possible).  I know there are many of you that have been ‘clean & sober’ for years. My hat is off to ya! Praise God/Jesus or whatever it was that helped get you through the tough days/weeks/months etc.  I also know it’s different for everyone. It took me 2 years to kick my ‘powder’ habit. Toot, crank and black tar were my weaknesses, and as often as I indulged, it was a miracle that I survived. August 15th, 1989 was my last time. Around 3:45 pm, but who’s counting? Ha! I am…
    Now, I like to drink beer… darker the better. Stouts and Porters are my usual indulgence. Oh, I do dearly love my R&C, rum and coke. Jose has been a friend and enemy for years. I drank Jack Daniels until I realized that it made me as crazy as a run-over coyote so I stopped that, after the beating. Took almost 3 months to recover from that one and I was young! Whiskey generally reacted with my chemistry in such a way that I would make bad choices. Like picking on the wrong guy in the wrong bar, or riding my bike in a foolish manner. You know, right? Full-on wheelies in front of the bar, burnouts in front of the bar. See a pattern? Yeah, me too!
    So, to the ‘crux of the biscuit’ as Frank Zappa used to say. My Doctor knows I indulge in the alcohol habit and she needed some blood work done on me. She said “I need you to not have any alcohol for 7 days, then come in and have your blood draw.” I thanked her and hung up, went into the garage fridge and snagged a Black Butte Porter and set myself down and thought about this. No beer? No R&C? No alcohol at all? Shit, I can do this standing on my head. A few years back, I stopped for 90 days. So, I finished the brew and started doing some piddly stuff on the bike. About half way through, I was thinking about what to do on the bike and I noticed there was a brew in my hand and I hadn’t remembered getting it. Well, the top was off and I sure hate to waste good beer. So I drank it.
    So I started my countdown the next day and I noticed something.  I noticed how many times I headed for the fridge to cap a brew. Weak? Hell no! Just habit. I would just laugh at myself and get a soda or a glass of ice water and it wasn’t really wasn't that big of a deal to me. By day 3, I wasn’t even thinking about it. Today is the day before my blood draw and I do not feel any different than when I started... better or worse. I have quit even thinking about a brew or drink and to tell the truth… I haven’t missed it… much (:~>
    Yesterday, I went and bought a jug of Bacardi’s Finest and a case of beer. I plan on having a brew or two and probably a R&C. My mate is “Give a sh*t” about it because I don’t treat her any different straight or buzzed. I also try and not have more than a couple of brews or drinks. I hate sloppy drunks and refuse to be one myself. She told me in the two years we have been together; she has seen me ‘drunk’ twice. When we are out on the bike, my limit is one beer or drink per hour. Period! It is a wee bit more when I’m alone. I will usually start drinking cola about an hour before I leave.
    What are your thoughts about what I have said? How do YOU do it when you are home? On the bike? In the car? What will you share with me about how YOU do it?
    Thanks to all who read and post,
    edge “NotaDrunk” walker
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    August 2, 2012 1:18 PM PDT
    10 years ago I lost my license for a year. A biker without a driver's license may as well be dead. I haven't drank a single beer, shot, or what have you when driving/riding since then. First off I'm off the opinion that here in Ohio, State Troopers will find an excuse they can to stop a lone rider and I certainly won't put someone elses life in my hands while under the influence. And in my particular county, the judge is a real prick; which I thinks has the opposite affect on defendents. He drops the hammer for a first offense that exceeds anything rational. Now, I got off with a year suspension and a month of "drunk" school. These days it's worse. I don't in any way condone drunk driving but two beers in an hour is gonna put you behind bars for the night.

    So anyway, I'm a diabetic and I'm suppose to limit my alcohol (beer) intake. It's hard. I love beer but I've been able to handle moderation...well, moderation by my definition...which is one helluvaa lot less than what I was accustomed to. Actually, I'll have one beer a night at home and maybe a couple of more. I play guitar with some guys on Thursdays. I have a designated driver so I drink a bit more if the music is flowin'.

    I've never "missed" drinking. I've never had what one might call an addiction to alcohol. I've used a lot of drugs in my day but there's always been something more important in my life than getting high, so it wasn't difficult for me to walk away/avoid a habit. But I will say I miss not drinking when I frequent the places we bikers often enjoy. So, I've made the decision not to go to those places anymore. The OL has never handled a bike and I wouldn't ride bitch if she could. It's not a macho thing. It's more of a I feel safer doiin' the drivin' thing. But honestly, I don't miss those environments. Sure, I miss some of the people but hell, they know where I live.

    Smoking is my nemesis. Beer entices me to smoke. Coffee (I love coffee) kicks in the smoking desire. I quit smoking at 40 (cold turkey). 10 years later (50) I started smoking again. It was either that or kill the bitch. But thank God she left on her own. At 55 I had open-heart surgery and a new wife and again I quit cold turkey. At the age of 59 my wife died in a motorcycle accident. I started smoking again. Don't smoke before noon and not normally before 5 p.m. but it's still too much. I hate smoking and I love smoking. So about all that I just say, C'est La vie. But I ain't ever gonna lose my license for drinking.

    BTW, I never heard of not drinking alcohol for 7 days before a blood test/blood work. Now fasting for 48 hours, yes. And normally that's only 12 hours. So, what's up with that anyway.

  • August 2, 2012 2:43 PM PDT
    Sounds like you need a new Dr.
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    August 2, 2012 6:38 PM PDT
    thanx for the input Mr Acorn, and the novella! Gotta love a guy that can tell ya something in a way that is straight forward and easy to understand... what was the question?..... Oh, 7 day no alky. that's easy to explain. hep c... ha!
    for 15 years my labs all come back at or below normal. doctors can't figure it out... me? I think the liver is an organ that can take some abuse... occasionally... hell, recently I been drinking a bit more than I like anyway....
    it's just odd when i'm not drinking. won't start before 12... or so. if i'm camping, all bets are off!
    I (try) to play guitar and i really love to play a blues harp. thirsty work... all the anti-drinking folks got names for it all. "Drinks 4 beers a day... Habitual" then "4-6 beers (drinks)... Problem" of course "I don't drink too much....Denial"
    i can't even talk to these folks because then it's "Denial, Excuse-Making" yep, been around 'em all. i just talk about fishing, riding anything but my drinking "Problem".... qwak.
    smoking? i am applaude your fortitude for kickin it as long as you did... heart goes out to ya for the death of your wife... Keep trying to kick those nazty lil bastards...

    edge "HappyInDenial" walker
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    August 3, 2012 12:09 AM PDT

    This is a subject that hits home.  For many years, and a number of DUI's later, I was a slow learner.  It was by the grace of GOD, that I made it home, many a night (day, afternoon, etc.)  Cause for a long time, I was a heavy drinker.  I had quit smokin' pot years earlier, cause it wasn't good in my system.  So the alcohol was a "natural" replacement.  Unfortunately, it let my inhibitions down long enough, for me to pick up another drug habit.  (That's another addiction, for another time.)  But, the alcohol, was my go-to.  Like breathin', I felt like I just "had" to do it.  Not until after work, and not until my son was fed and taken care of, for the most part. (there were a few times, I dropped that ball).  But almost a daily thing. 
    And it's true what they say, "the more you do it, the more you want to do it, the more you'll NEED to do it". 
    Problem was, I didn't recognize that fact, until much later. 
    I can look back now, and thank God, that, for a time, I stopped.  Altogether.  And that was necessary, to show me how much of a problem it had become.  And the doors, it had opened for other things.  I have been "CLEAN" (drug-free), for almost 4 years now.  And I only drink occassionally now.  Mostly, cause I don't ever want to lose control again.  But also, because I've learned, that I don't NEED alcohol, to enjoy life.  It's amazing how much fun you have, and STILL be able to remember it, tomorrow!  Besides, I enjoy it more, now, that I don't drink, to get drunk.  I do have to be careful in that respect tho.  Cause now?  It takes a whole lot less, to get there...
    And I'd like to think I'm more responsible now. So, I will not drink and ride.  I like livin', too much! 

    Ride Free 

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    August 3, 2012 5:04 AM PDT
     I have one friend and acquaintance that I know that don’t drink period. Both have their reason for not drinking and I support them and their reasons. I on the other hand still drink not as much as I use to but still get feeling good on the weekends. One is a dear friend and when we’re in a situation where there’s drinking I will normally show my support and not drink also.  Being a good friend and knowing I still drink he will push me a bite but I hold fast in my support. The other is an acquaintance I’ve run into at bike nights and runs over the last few years. He’ll still go on poker runs (where we met) but he doesn’t drink. This sits fine with me and on poker runs neither of us drink as everyone around us is. This makes the ride after the four card a little more interesting being sober. Even when he’s not on a poker run and I’m alone I don’t drink or only have one beer the rest soda’s (remember to say that with a New England ascent “sooodaaa”).


    The reason for this is my youth like some others. There was one night and after riding my bike that night and drinking and living through it I swore not to repeat that again (long story).


    So what do I do when I’m home a few on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As long as there no blood test on Monday. It seems that beer is converted to sugar and my blood test kept coming back with my sugar going up and up. Finely dawned on me and stop drinking the night before and low and behold my sugar levels came down to normal. I have never heard of a no drinking for a week either but that’s doctors for you.


    My rules when home. Home is home and all bets are off. Not that I drink that much anyways any more. But I don’t plan on going anywhere so what the hell.


    Riding. If I’m riding then one, two if we’ll be there for more than an hour and I’ve had food. There will be a large glass of water in between one and two. I always carry at least a quart of water in my saddle bag, if not more.


    Truck or Car, I have to admit I’m more liberal here but have gotten better over the years. In Mass we have the state police doing random road blocks so it a crap shoot. I’ve been better about it and stop an hour or so before heading out.


    Well there’s my two cents.

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    August 3, 2012 5:55 AM PDT
    Hey about novellas. Apparently I'm not the only one. LOL
    When I turned 50 I drank so much Mescal that I still don't remember what happened. Oh, believe me, it was all over town the next day. Apparently I dragged a neighbor out of bed and started whoopin' on him and THAT isn't the kind of guy I am. Anyway, I was told I didn't really hurt the guy that badly but that I scared the dude so much that he pissed himself. For the record, I seldom if ever come out on the good end of a scuffle. In fact, one of my brothers said he wasn't hangin' out with me anymore because I couldn't fight and yet I had a habit of getting into one when he was around. "I'm pretty damn tired of covering your a$$!" LOL

    Here's the thing about that night. Hell, I actually have won a few scuffles (if anyone really wins) over the years. But I made a guy piss himself and I don't remember it. :( In a way that kind of sucks. I mean, I don't remember one single time that a dude second guessed himself when getting in my face. To have a guy soil himself? I was one bad a$$!!!! But then again, if I had of remembered, the old ego might have puffed up a bit more than I could handle for the future and not walked away when I truly should have.

    That was 14 years ago and I haven't had (in public) a single shot of anything. Of course, Junior Johnson's shine is still some gooooooooooooooooooooooooood sheite.

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    August 3, 2012 6:35 AM PDT
    You know Edge it's kind of funny 'cause there are many times I go 7 days or more without a drink, but if you told me I had too it would probably make me think about it. Funny thing with my drinking is I either DRINK or I don't. A lot of the people who who me from the local bar or a rally think I am just this ragin' partyer that drinks all the time and gets totally drunk. But that's because when I go to a bar or a rally, I DRINK, and I drink until I'm drunk. I don't usually drink just a beer or JD and coke around the house, again unless its a party and I am going to DRINK. Hell most of the time I am embarrassed when a buddy comes over and I don't even have a beer to offer.

    Yep, when I drink I do it for one reason and one reason only... to get drunk.  Good think is I normally don't do anything stupid or dangerous when I'm drunk (taking your clothes off and running down the road ain't stupid is it?)

    But like I said, if someone told me I can't drink for a week... I'm certain I would have the urge to drink???
  • August 3, 2012 6:37 AM PDT
    Well here's my 10 cents worth(inflation ya know). When it comes to things I like doing, I am an all out kinda guy. Somewhere along the way I lost the ability to regulate my alcohol consumption. I don't want to drink and drive but if I drink sooner or later I'll wind up driving or riding blasted. There is no such thing as one or two for me. So eight years ago, after thirty years of drinking, I decided to just not drink. I have just as much fun as I ever had, probably even more. I know that my motorcycle doesn't get tore up near like it did in my drinking days. So there you have it.
  • August 3, 2012 7:06 AM PDT
    I've always found that people who wonder if they drink too much, too often, or other similar questions may very well have a problem. My experience tells me that normies don't really even think about it. I realized after going through the Jelinek chart that in fact I WAS an alcoholic. (Trouble with the law, with relationships, with blackouts, with family problems, lying, immorality, immaturity, etc. etc.etc.) However, I have no right to judge anyone else as to whether they have a problem. I just know that the last 25 years of sobriety has led to me having far fewer problems, and a better relationship with my higher power. I am paranoid to write this as I don't wanna sound like a freakin' expert, but had to get my two cents. in! lol Ride hard and often!
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    August 3, 2012 7:29 AM PDT
    Good post Edge. It does sound funny that the doc would want you to stay off the liquor for a blood test,maybe it affects the sugar levels? How did the test go?

    Personally I dont drink in the sense that I am trying to get buzzed anymore. 2 beers is abt the most I have drank in the last 6 mo's any one time.Usually I wont while riding/driving as it makes me lethargic feeling & slows my reaction times.Never had a serious problem with drinking,my vice is smokin cigs LOL maybe the reason alcohol was never an issue for me was being allowed to drink a bit w/the grownups at dinner,wine usually, & a sip of brandy on holidays.Never had a craving for it ever,yet i do enjoy a good margarita or a nice white wine or good beer every so often.

    To all of you who have struggled w/it my hats off to you for beating the beast down and ridding urself of a bad habit !!
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    August 3, 2012 7:55 AM PDT
    Liver enzyme tests. They want a clean slate, when they take your blood for that, because the count tells a story.
    And will tell them if you have liver, or other muscular organ damage, depending on the counts. It's important to
    do a clean test. False numbers, mean an incorrect diagnosis, which in turn, could mean an incorrect dispensation of a drug you don't need. Take a "clean" test, Edge. Your tests, are JUST THAT IMPORTANT. K?

    Ride Free
  • August 3, 2012 9:05 AM PDT

    13 years old..... started working for a living, pushing a lawnmower down street after street looking over fences to see whose grass needs done, made just enough to survive on.....

    14 years old..... got a car to carry lawnmower and other tools ( not legal to drive until 17yr old in UK back then, but hey, I had already been riding bikes on the road since I was 11 years old), had some regulars who I reckon just felt sorry for me, runty lil bstard I was back then, always looked hungry.....

    15 years old..... cut someone garden and did a load of tree and bush pruning and flower bed ripping of weeds- guy he worked for was looking for a "Landscape Gardener", so I said "I Can Do It" - then I set up my first ever contract, as the guy lived in a 2.2 million house with extensive grounds, so I charged him plenty, he was happy with my work and price, then his neighbour looked over and asked if I would quote him, I did, 1st guy told me what to charge him.....

    16 year old..... I had established 18 contracts in that area and I was making in a week what most trained and skilled craftsmen were earning in a month (It was close to Windsor Castle, they could afford it!!!) ... I was out drinking every night, I was smoking weed to try and chill and was using speed so I could do 3 days work in 2 days, using speed all week and coming down at weekends using mogadons from doctor, lol .....

    17 years old..... I had 5 crews of 3 working for me, I had 5  - five ton flatbeds on the road all week doing maintenance work on all 18 gardens while I was running up new customers, I had a good living of over £600 a week in my own pocket, payed my crews another £600 total between them and had approx £600 in running and maintenance costs of the fuel for flatbeds, insurances and maintenances of all equipment etc...average wage for skilled person back then was around £50 to £60 a week.....

    17 and half years old..... SOLD business, stopped using speed, drank a bit more and smoked a bit more.....started also smoking huge cigars.....

    by 18 years old was a regular drinker, had 3 friends who were self admitting alcoholics, 1 drove and killed himself, 1 rode his bike into a streetlight and killed himself, I scared myself just one time...gave up drinking for over 10 years.....

    By 21 years old I gave up weed and never touched it since.....

    Over all those early years I earned way too much for someone my age to handle and it took its toll back then.....

    28, sold 2nd business and retired (retired? Thats a laugh!!!) I think I was working harder than ever...started to drink in moderation as long as I was not doing any driving or riding whatsoever, anyway.....I could fill 5 pages with my crap.....

    By the time I retired before starting with the jet trike I had retired for the 3rd I retire as a showman it will be 4th time...

    suffice it to say, every bike rally or event, as long as I aint got to drive, ride or do shows when I get there, I will hit it hard on the thursday and friday and then maybe just one beer on saturday night and be ready to ride, drive the following day (sunday).....I will NOT ride or drive at all even if I only had one just aint worth it!!!!!

    11 of us started on the road at 13 years old, by 18 years old 3 were dead, by 22 years old 5 were dead, since then?  There is only 2 of us left.....My last beer? Last July 15th 2011, miss it? Naaaaa, never even think about it for any reason.....

    Drink and Drive and DIE!!!

    .......and, uh oh, there I go with the "Limey 2 Cents" again.....

  • August 3, 2012 9:24 AM PDT
    Boy does this topic hit close to home. I quit drinking 12 years ago. Haven't had a beer/alcohol since. It was a matter of life or death for me. I was either going to get raped, beat up or killed at the hand of a stranger or so called friend or get mortally wounded in a bar fight, take someone out on the road or take myself out. I was/am a spiteful drinker. It was a lot of "Oh yeah, F you, watch this". I was very unhappy in my life and marraige and I realized I had 3 choices. I could leave it, drink myself to death because it was driving me nuts or realize "it is what it is"  learn to deal with it and go about my business.

    I was fortunate I found racing and quickly found out I could do one or the other very well but not both. I only ran 1 race on a hangover and hated it. It was during that time my Aunt passed away. She had always heard of my wild ways but never really witnessed it first hand. My thoughts were she had a better view of my behavior from heaven and I don't want to disappoint her. For whatever reason that has helped me.

    I've only had a few occasions before this past year that drinking didn't enter my mind. Unfortunately with my husband going through his "mid life crisses" and acting like a frat boy I am up to my wits with stupid behavior. It's hard to sat back and watch your husband of 26 years turn into someone you don't even know (or like) and having to quit socializing because I'm just not that much into being humiliated and embarrassed. So yeah, I guess the thoughts of drinking are creeping back into my mind mainly because I'm pissed off and disappointed. Having said that, it is up to me to choose if I'm going to cross that line.

    There's a lot going on in my life right now. My Mom is terminally ill and half way across the nation and I just found out my sister has Lukemia. It would be nice to have someone to lean on for support.  Least of all, if  my husband is not going to be supportive I wish he wouldn't add to the pressure. The "it is what it is" technique worked for 12 years but don't seem to be working right now. Enough is enough and I have more important issues to deal with.

    As far as the test, staying clean and taking it could save you grief in the future. Hoping my sister has early stages and can be treated.
    Do whatever it takes to take care of yourself.
  • August 3, 2012 10:47 AM PDT

    RACE ANGEL..... Stay Strong!  You are one powerful person, just by what you written there you have proved it in the past, you can do it again, you can get past all of the crap and still be you ok?  You know it.....

    .....and besides.....You have loads of friends on here...lean on them a bit ok?  I am sure none would mind...wish I was a bit closer, I would come and give you a challenge race or two, I am sure that would help you focus...

    Lukemia is totally controllable now with tablets, I will find out what they are called for you.....

  • August 3, 2012 12:48 PM PDT
    All I can add is, with me, with Booze,I lose,there's no hope with dope,and the herb is superb.
  • August 3, 2012 12:54 PM PDT
    Hang in there girl. Like they say, there's no problem that drinking won't make worse! I work at a rehab center, and see the devastation on a daily basis. Please use your friends instead of using something else. If you want to meet some people who will definitely be there for you try an AA meeting. Best bunch of knuckleheads ever! lol Also use your higher power, whoever or whatever that my be. Good luck, and please stay in touch!
  • August 3, 2012 5:41 PM PDT
    I was more of a pothead and hash under glass type girl. Then I began with the drinking, and didn't even notice how quickly my drinking was increassing. I don't know what made me slow down with the drinking but it just occured naturally. Could it be how many times I was pulled over for but never enough to get charged with DUI? Could it be the countless number of friends I've stood by their grave sites? I don't mean the party that hit them was drunk nor did they do wrong, just the friend was loaded and didn't think their actions through. I don't mind being a DD, I do it on a regular basis for a friend. I'm a slow drinker now a beer an hour is about right for me, usually have water and a beer. I can't say I remember being down when I was drinking, I remember being the life of the party, but I do know if I get in the mood and someone drops a bottle of Jack and some coke in my hand I still am the life of the party. I don't know Jack makes me all crazy always has and always will. So when riding a beer or two maybe none. The ride is my high now and I don't want anything to interfere with my ride. have a great day! "T"
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    August 4, 2012 2:14 AM PDT
    I grew up with a raging alcoholic..i saw the very worst a person can be on it..including telling the teacher at school i "fell down the stairs again" to explain a new bruise or black eye.......i have only drank to excess a few times in my life because of it....and always with good friends that i KNEW i could trust..i do drink a beer or two on the weekends or in the afternoon, i drink a glass of wine at night before bed..not every night, but it helps me relax and sleep..and if i am with friends and not driving anywhere i will do the the rum and o.j...i have a limit of each type of drink and i stick to past has shown me what it can do if it gets out of control....and i will never let myself become "that person"......Race have a great support system here..we are family.....take advantage of it....
  • August 4, 2012 2:36 AM PDT
    Drank like a fish when I first retired.Had to kinda cut cut back.I'd wake up about 0600 have a cup of Irish coffee and then start drinking.It's no wonder it would take me half a day to service my bike.
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    August 4, 2012 6:46 AM PDT
    WOW! What a bunch of... support, personal stories and "How I handle it". Thank you all for sharing, esp Ms RaceAngel.
    I have talked to alcohol counselors, my psych conselor and my friends. I took the 'Alcoholic Test' and passed with flying colors! Well, if you consider that of the 10 Q's, I answered 3 with a yes... Soooo, I know that there is a 'person' inside me that has a problem...
    With that said, I would classify myself as a 'Maintenance Drinker'... I like the feeling of a buzz but hatehateHATE being drunk, so I very seldom go there... I know that I am able to have one and stop there. I have done it regular and still do, so wth? I asked my Lady Dove what she thought about my drinking. Her answer was "It's fine. You don't change, you don't attack me or what I think. You don't drink and drive/ride. You are still a kind and funny person so no, I have no problem with how much you drink."
    So, to sum it all up... I drink less now than at any time in my life, I have to be aware of when and how much I consume and I should probably quit for periods of time, so I can reassess my feelings.
    Thank you to all that replied, stay strong in your resolve and remember that no one else can tell you whether you are an alcoholic. YOU are the only one that decide that.
    edge "OnlyMe" walker
  • August 4, 2012 9:35 AM PDT
    Edge, I have a question for you. Ya don't have to answer but one thing I noticed is this the extremely gift people in this world end up abusing themselves in one form or another. Is it possible that your looking for a creative way to express yourself but feel your sealed in a place that won't let you? I don't with the gal, or home I mean with in you, I have a number of artist friends and well when they feel trapped cause they didn't choose the medium or method it seems to make them crazy in a sense. That's why I ask...........have a great one "T"
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    August 5, 2012 6:38 AM PDT
    Refrained from commenting on this thread – because – because there was nothing I could add.

    Never was tempted by street drugs (Will leave out the unsuccessful attempt use hash that resulted in a burned mustache, followed by a moody, moonlit ride & great memories.). - Would rather suck up the pain than use prescription meds (there have been exceptions)

    The pleasures of alcohol are not unknown but most use involves trying to sleep – Two fingers to get to sleep & four to make it to dreamless sleep.

    Tumbles is on to something. Might be hardwired into us –

    Edgewalker for example, string words together artfully and tell righteous good tales, the next best thing to being there, hard to do without a muse.

    Some like the brittle edges of physics and it is hard to conjugate Bessel functions or work Laplace transforms with a snootfull.

    Motorcycles is a place where these archtypes can meet. Physics are what keeps the contrivances from hitting the pavement but the sensations are not those encountered moving about with ones spine perpendicular to the horizon. – The artist must be acutely aware of the mechanics & the mechanic finds a muse.

    When I drink with the intention of becoming intoxicated is usually upon the death of someone I well knew. – Don’t drink to numb the pain, do it to search thru the cervices of memory & bring up all the pain possible. 
  • August 7, 2012 3:11 AM PDT
    Wow!  Deep thread., I like it.

    So, here goes.  I'm just gonna say it, I like to drink.  I wouldn't call myself an alchoholic though, as I don't go to meetings.  LMAO.  I'm not going to blame my parents or fault some experience that changed my's all me and my decision.  (Not judging...just talking personally).  But I do enjoy it.  Like, Lucky said...pretty much if I'm going to drink...I get drunk.  It's not really a conscience decision ("Oh!  I've got to get hammered tonight!"), I just find myself with another full glass.  (Vodka and Tequilla are my drinks of choice).  FYI, hubby and I have no kids and consider ourselves "single" in that respect.  We also do not allow drinking to affect our jobs, plus we're funny drunks and get along together.

    Just until recently, hubby and I have tried to make an honest effort to actually cut back on the week days, i.e, nothing...cold turkey.  Last September he was hospitallized for pancreatitis.  It was quite painful for him and it made me so sad to see him go through that;  I want him around for a long time.  That being said the doctor's said that a lifestyle change was in order....NOW.  So, that brings us here, almost a year later.  I'm trying to support him on the week days and I must admit,  we feel better (shhhhh!), and we've dropped some weight.  Who knew?

    As far as drinking while riding or even in the car.  We've of course had a beer while out...mainly for the social aspect.  But I will save the shots for the evening home. 

    By the way, I really appreciated hearing everyones candor.  There's a good bunch of folks on here. 
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    August 8, 2012 12:51 AM PDT
    Jill, doe hubby know that continuing to drink can possibly kill him? Pancreatitus is irreversible. Once the damage is done, continuing the alcohol is a very dangerous practice for him. Note the following:

    The condition is most often caused by alcohol abuse over many years.


    You may lower your risk of new or repeat episodes of pancreatitis by taking steps to prevent the medical conditions that can lead to the disease:

    Do NOT drink too much alcohol.  (In his case, quitting altogether, would be best.)

    Acute pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas, a serious emergency with no specific treatment. The pancreas, a digestive gland, can become inflamed for many reasons, but mainly as a complication from gallstones or excess alcohol intake.

    I'm passionate about this because I've lost two very dear friends over it. Even if you think you are doing
    something in moderation, over a life-time, the long term effects, can have a terrible outcome.

    Not preachin'...just teachin', K?

    Ride Free