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Who Exactly are the "Real Bikers"?

  • November 19, 2011 5:47 AM PST
    I knew a couple once years ago that were " real bikers". They both worked like dogs. They had a beautiful daughter about 4. They lived in a tiny travel trailer , altho small was always immpecably clean. They had friends move the small camper when needed. The center of their life was the bike. It was always sheltered, polished to the 9's and treated like family.They would save all year to go to Daytona only a hundred miles away. They didnt buy their clothes "worn" . The leather was cherished and put away. They didnt "dress" like bikers, wannabees dressed like them. Biking was a way of life.. thats a real biker.
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    November 29, 2013 11:19 AM PST
    Met a guy in the Horn the other night, he shook my hand and asked me "Did you ride here?" I thought it was a dumb question because I was wearing my 'Fighting Gear'... (riding gear). His grey beard and weathered face made me think before I gave a smart-ass comment (Yeah, I always leather-up to drive my cage.) I told him yes, I rode and he asked me "Are you a biker?"
    I laughed and said 'Yeah, I'm a biker.' he said "Well, I'm a motorcycle enthusiast. What's the difference?" We talked for half hour and the outcome was that the only difference... Attitude and a sense of family. When he left, I walked him out and he climbed aboard his '07 Street Glide. He looked at me over his shoulder and said "It's all in your mind... biker."
    You know what? I think he was right.
    Edge 'BikerMan' Walker
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    November 30, 2013 7:34 AM PST
    Funny I always say I am an anti social motorcylce enthusiast... I would rather ride then drink and talk... ;D
    Great post!
  • December 10, 2013 3:28 AM PST
    Here's my take. I put bikers and gearheads in the same group. If your bike or car is for going from A to B then you're not. If you like to just ride for no reason other than ride then you are. This "respect" crap, give me a break! Respect is earned, common courtesy is given. I'll tell you who's not bikers, 1%ers They don't ride for the fun of it, their rides are mandatory. From conception their objective is to give good bikers a bad name. (look it up) People should not support or emulate these admitted criminals. I hear too many stories of bikers upset because they were not welcomed in stores and bars or pulled over for no reason. If you want to dress and act like a thug and criminal even if you're not, don't cry when you get treated like one. You know the difference between 1%ers and the bikers in NY that terrorized the couple in the SUV? The NY bikers don't admit to being criminals. 1%ers would have done the same thing to the couple if not worse. You know what really gets me Vets yes Vets that come back from war and turn to thugs and crooks these are the lowest of the low. Fighting for freedom so you can terrorize the people you fought for? These are not bikers and need to be weeded out of the biker community so real bikers can enjoy the fun freedom and respect they deserve but Bikers don't deserve respect unless they make themselves a respectable group
  • December 11, 2013 8:25 PM PST
    group HELL ! stand alone and be your own person . I don't have to emulate others . I ride alone a lot just to keep from hearing the whining of others . you don't have to be in a group or club to be a biker . STAND ALONE BE REAL TO YOURSELF
  • December 19, 2013 9:08 AM PST
    for me - a biker is someone who is needing to go somewhere... steps out the door to find a grey, rainy day and picks the bike over the car ---- or ---- in my case, doesn't even own a four wheel vehicle
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    December 19, 2013 3:29 PM PST
    I'm sure i"ve posted here already but my answer is "ME"........................But I've spent more than half my life working and taking care of my family dreaming of the day when I could retire. I dreamed of the days I didn't HAVE to be back from anywhere. I dreamed of long rides and never worrying about making it home in time to get to work. And lo and behold, here I am. While a lot of the bullshit didn't really stop me over the years; at least now I don't have to worry about missing a paycheck, paying the utilities, or any of that. As far as other "real" bikers go; I can't recall ever judging or questioning if anyone was a real biker. It don't matter. It's just a thing brothers and sisters. It's just a thing.
  • December 31, 2013 3:42 AM PST
    For me its about the wind in your face, the smell and sound of the road, its that look you get from passing cars as you tool down the hwy, or pull up to a light. its the pride you feel about being able to say i rode there and back with a smile. If thease things mean as much to you as they do me, then i think you may be a biker....
  • January 8, 2014 3:38 PM PST
     Whether I am a real biker is the opinion of others.  But a while back with another group we had fun with the "real biker" definitions.  Based on the Foxworthy schtick about rednecks, we came up with some gems.  

    "If you have ever rebuilt your bike's motor in the kitchen of your home, you might be a real biker."

    "If you have ever used your wife's car payment to make your bike payment, you might be a real biker."

    "If your buddies all cancelled because of the threat of rain and you rode anyway, you might be a real biker."

    So, you get the idea.  You probably have a few of your own.... especially if you are a real biker!
  • January 17, 2014 2:50 PM PST
    If you have given your bike a name, and the tattoo is visible when you are wearing long pants and long sleeves, you might be a real biker.

    If you have ever gone to the store on your bike for milk, met a buddy, and didn't come back for a year- you might be a real biker.

    If most of your friends have road-names with "dog or dawg" in there somewhere and you don't know their real names, you might be a real biker.
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    January 19, 2014 4:09 PM PST
    LoL Going to sleep in the bedroom and worrying about your scoot parked in the living room,then ya might be considered a "motorcycle enthusiast" :D
  • January 20, 2014 3:58 AM PST


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    January 21, 2014 12:01 AM PST
    Have not been riding long myself, but I do believe that a "real biker" , by definition that I would want to follow, is one with the love for life and nature, experiencing pure indulgence. I believe that one would love their bike like a child and treat it as such. Doesn't matter "when" you ride, as long as you ride....

    This is your life, love it and feed it with the wind.

    That's just my definition. :0)

    I dream of my bike... lol. Wondering if she is covered, or condensation gathering in the tank, is she mad because I did not ride her today?
    I treat her like a baby, makes it easier for me to keep her in tip top condition. Others may think I am weird. I think I am a new mom. 
  • January 26, 2014 10:07 AM PST
    As an old bud used to say, "20 grand and 20 miles don't make you a biker."
  • January 26, 2014 9:11 PM PST
    I'm a biker, I dream of sunny perfect days.  Don't confuse me with a gang member, I prefer riding my 49cc 100mpg Honda twist and go.  I wish it had ape hangers, 30 something degree rake, with a tall sissy bar and a hardtail.  I love checking out everyone elses bikes too.  I find it weird how people get upset at me checking out their rides.  I don't mean touching them, just admiring all their little add ons, or straight up modifications.  I get the leave my bike alone thing, don't touch it, but when I see a bike I get sucked into a dream like state.  Goo goo gaa ga, can't help it.  Guess I'm a freak too.
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    January 29, 2014 7:51 AM PST
    Not me. To tough to be a biker these days. Got to keep checking the crap everyone posts in these "Who Are Real Bikers" threads to see if you still qualify. I am just a guy who loves riding friggin motorcycles.
  • January 29, 2014 10:04 AM PST
    Call me what you wish, biker, father, husband, son, brother, bum, hippie. Its a label and there will be continued to be labels. Stand toe to toe with a man in front of you with a vest and a patch, that is what protects him and that is what he will protect also. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Police, etc. That patch which bounds you to the group you are with, those that stand together and protect each other. The world is full of patches and groups some good, some bad, some law abiding other not. So where do we all fit in the world, do you work for a company that is worldwide, or national, or just in your city. Its a club, car club, motorcycle club just the service officers club we all give something up to be in any one of the clubs. So welcome to Club CycleFish , Club American. So what ever you are be good at it be the best and do your best. We are the club of human beings not always good not always right just surviving from day to day until the end.
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    January 31, 2014 12:01 PM PST
    Nice! Thanx to all the folks that replied to this thread. "Are you a real biker?" was a question that I have been asked for years. Kids, adults and teens have asked, I have always answered the same way... YES! Know why? Because that's how I feel. That's what I call myself. I'm also a father, a husband, an electrician, a mechanic and the list goes on.
    So, my 'take' on this question is 'We are who we think we are." What other folks think about us... that's their thoughts.
    Whether you are a 1%er, belong to a 'Riding Club' or are a 'Lone Wolf'... Your thoughts, actions and attitude show who you are to the world. Biker, Rider, Motorcycle Enthusiast... just remember "Ride. It's what bikers do!"
  • February 3, 2014 3:26 PM PST
    Edgewalker54 wrote...
    I found this on one of my other biker sites and had to bring it here.
    From : Dirk Diggler

    Since getting back into riding, and associating with more people who also ride, I've found myself asking this question more and more...  What exactly is the definition of the real biker?  

    Some will say it's anyone who has the drive and desire to ride, and loves the feeling of the open road.  Others will disagree, claiming that you have to ride for a cause, own a certain brand of bike, dress a certain way, etc.

    I've met both, and quite frankly, the ones who consider themselves the "real", "hardcore" bikers are most the time the biggest poseurs on the planet.  

    Allow me to embellish a bit...

    This past weekend, I decided to attend one of many "ride for a cause" rides, only because I felt a little bit of a connection to the cause involved, and thought I should do my part to at least make an appearance and donate a little money.  In retrospect, that's where it should have ended for me.  On the poster that caught my attention in the first place, it stated "100 mile ride"... Okay, I'm cool with that.  I love to ride, and riding with a group of people who (I thought) shared a common interest would be even better.  I couldn't have been more wrong...

    When I arrived roughly an hour before the ride was scheduled to depart, I saw a parking lot half filled with various bikes of all generations and models, but all save for one sport bike were Harleys.  That's fine, since I also ride a H-D, and like it.  But, I ride a Sportster...  Apparently, that was my first mistake.  I didn't have a Big Twin with open drag pipes like the majority of the others, so I became a little bit of an outcast. Unbeknownst to them, my nicely massaged XL1200 could have easily spanked any one of their loud obnoxious "geezer 'glides" in the quarter mile, but that's not my point... My second apparent mistake was wearing a helmet.  Out of all the (60+) bikes that were there when I arrived and probably half again that many that arrived after me, I was the only person there except for one other guy on a really nice V-Rod that wore a helmet.  I've seen too many bikers lives end prematurely that could have been changed if they'd simply strapped a $100 piece of plastic on their melons before they hopped on their bike, so I never ride without one.  But I digress... In the interest of being a "real" biker...

    On to the rest of the morning...

    The ride was to leave at noon, and like I mentioned, I arrived an hour early only to witness the better majority of the other attendees drinking their bloody marys and beer chasers, some to the point of obvious intoxication before they even threw a leg over their bikes!  Red flag #1 for this guy.  I will not ever, EVER, ride with even a trace of alcohol in my system.  100% sobriety or I do not ride. 

    As for "biker brotherhood"... What a joke.  There was no camaraderie amongst fellow bikers, at least at this event.  The cliques were worse than what I dealt with in high school!  It was like if you didn't know anyone, you weren't going to meet anyone.  The only person I actually got an opportunity to converse with was the guy with the V-Rod, who seemed quite friendly, and without me even mentioning it, also expressed his lack of enthusiasm for this particular ride.  He planned on cutting out early to go get some stuff done around the house.  

    The ride...

    Like I mentioned, it was advertised as being a 100 mile ride.  If only that were the case.  What it really was, was a total of 100 miles, give or take, stopping at a bar every 5-10 miles of said ride.  What??!?  I wanted to ride, not plant my ass on a barstool for an hour after riding 10 minutes! The ride was a "poker run", which I've concluded is a euphemism for 2-wheeled bar-hopping with the potential for a prize at the end of it all.  Definitely not my cup of tea.  

    So, I cut out early to go and take a nice scenic ride through the country on some back roads, and actually enjoy the rest of my afternoon.  

     Which brings me to my original question:  Who exactly are the "real" bikers?  

    If you ask "them", they are.  They're the ones that call someone like me a "poseur", "weekend warrior", or even more ignorantly, "credit card biker".  Why?  Because I have a nice clean (paid for) Sportster, instead of a big touring bike?  Because I don't have tattoos or piercings?  Because I'm not a war hero (and I use the term "hero" VERY loosely) waving a flag on the back of my bike?  

    The way I see it, THEY'RE the wannabes...  

    I bought my bike because I like to ride.  And ride I do.  As I'm writing this, I've already got over 5000 miles on this season, and in WI, our season is roughly May thru September.  Sure, you could ride more, but I like to be comfortable, not dressed in 10 layers of Gore Tex just to keep my core temperature above freezing.  

    The ones that give me crap about being a "weekend warrior" are just that...  Total wannabes.  The ones that put on their pirate costumes and ride from tavern to tavern, with open drag pipes making everyone in earshot aware of their arrival.  Worse yet, the local M.C.s...  Herd mentality of lawlessness.  Yippee.    Again, more about image than mileage.  I've probably ridden more in one week than any 10 members of their club combined!  

     So in conclusion, that was my first and last experience with going on a group ride/poker run.  In a nutshell, it was like being in the high school smoking section except with motorcycles and alcohol.  

    I bought my bike to ride, and ride I will.  The "real" bikers can think what they want, but the way I see it, if they want to call someone a wannabe, they should be pointing their fingers at themselves, and let the actual bikers who ride like they mean it lead the way.  I'm sure there will be enough taverns along the way to stop by and hoist a few.

     Ride free, ride hard!


    Your disgusted 5000+ mile "wannabe", "poseur", "weekend warrior", "credit card biker", "outcast"  Sportster rider.

    Very well said dude! I have been riding for 43 years. My first ride was Dad riding me on his "47 Chief. I raced jap bikes and grew up in a Harley Shop.I have had every make and about 4 different chassis/motor offerings of Harleys. My favorite bike? A Sportster. They are fast and easy to whip around. They are the longest running model in the Harley-Davidson stable.......I  had to buy a new leather jacket a few years ago. My last one I had was a brooks that I bought when i was 17 years old..( I got older or it got smaller)...I had some goomer come and talk s@!t to me over my "new" HD jacket.. of course I put him in his place.What a dick. Who does that? A real biker? A real biker is someone who loves to ride a motorcycle as much as they have an oppurtunity. It's always the poser  with an inferiority complex that outcast someone. Rock on my man!