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Harley Davidson V-Twin Oil Temperature

  • November 17, 2011 8:02 AM PST
    Again, they're relatively small engines they do run 300 + lots of times, the oil can only do so much cooling wise and again, get one of those external temp gauges and after a good ride where you feel the bike is good and warmed up take a reading then tell me that 300 degrees is too high... Internally the engine will run cooler but not by much.
  • December 15, 2012 6:57 PM PST
    There are 2 types of oil coolers available. One that is your standard forced air cooler and the other (depending on the brand) has electric fans contorlled by enginne temp. Fans engage mostly when in town driving with higher temps. Even though HD motors are supposed to run on the hot side just from a mechanical view clean oil and cooler oil increases engine life.
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    July 18, 2013 1:05 PM PDT
    This would definitely be the summer to tell if your bike can handle the heat!!!
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    November 13, 2013 3:40 AM PST
    Can't believe it has been 4 months since anyone mentioned that their Harley is running hot :-)
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    December 5, 2013 2:46 AM PST
    Amazing how much cooler an air cooled motor runs in the winter BailOut!
  • December 9, 2013 12:33 PM PST
    I rode home across the Mtns on sunday night with frozen hands and my motor was not putting out any heat at all.I was hoping for some overheating.
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    October 28, 2018 9:56 PM PDT

    Hello,  I have an '08 Rocker-C VTWIN 96" with a dakota digital instrument cluster.  It reads the engine temperature from the sensors on the bike and I routinely see engine temperatures at 270F when riding at 55mph in 70F weather.  If I get stopped at a light the temperature will rise over 300F.  If I see it get near 330F I shut it off unless I can keep rolling and cool it down.

    I don't have synthetic oil in it, do you think that would help?

    Harley seems unconcerned and when I was at the HQ in Wisconsin four months ago I forgot to ask.  Doesn't seem to be any published information.  Local dealer's do not seem concerned.

    Thank you so much in advance.

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    October 29, 2018 6:58 AM PDT

    That temp is def high. I'd have it verified with a known 'accurate' temp sensor. Synthetic will prob reduce it some. 


    And a side note...When i did a little searching to see what others are saying, Lookee what site was # 2 on the google search responses...


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    October 29, 2018 7:34 AM PDT

    After reading your post I was getting ready to give the same exact answer as Rex.  First I would verify the sensor is correct.  Second run Synthetic lube which will definately reduce friction, thus reducing the temp slightly.  


    That said I have heard others say there bike will get up over 300 when at idle for a period of time.  Since it is Air Cooled it does need air to run at its designed average temp.


    If you spend lots of time at idle... ie ride a lot in traffic... you might want to think about adding an oil cooler.


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