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Techie-Tard needs HELP!!!

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    January 9, 2013 3:16 PM PST
    Ok, so Imma forego all the hoopla I jujalee put n to one of my posts, cause time seems to be of the essence.

    My Windows Defender keeps popping up saying I need to install this or I tried.  UNSUCCESSFULLY.
    It wouldn't load all 12 updates...K?
    Now, every time I change a page, or switch browser sites, the little Warning Icon pops up and says...
    blah blah blah blah blah

    I have NORTON Security, which told me to disable Windows defender.  But, in drunken stupor, I think I poo-pood that idea,
    and ignored the advice. 
    Cause Windows screams, YOU NEED ME!!!


    Mind you, like I said, I AM A TECHIE-TARD, K?

    So...anyone got the patience, to walk the Peg...I mean Tweek,
    THRU THIS S**T>>>???






    Ride Free (and if I distapeer's, Ya'll know Y)


    I'm off to bed.  Got a zero dark thirty, wake up call.  Hit me up, one way, or the other...K?  Keep it simmpal for schtupid, huh?  lmfao

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    January 9, 2013 4:52 PM PST
    Running Windows Defender and Norton at the same time WILL create problems. They are both what is known as real-time or demand scanners so they will attemp to check the same files and or activities at the same time causing conflicts.

    Norton does everything that Windows Defender does, plus a lot more... so turn off Windows Defender and leave it off as long as you have a reputable Anti Virus/Security program running... i.e. Norton.

    To turn it off...

    1. Open Windows Defender by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Defender.
    Note: depending on your Windows setup you may not see it there.  If you don't see Windows Defender listed in All Programs... click the Start Button, then click Control Panel, then click Windows Defender

    2. Click Tools, and then click Options.

    3. Under Administrator options, clear (uncheck) the Use Windows Defender check box, and then click Save.
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    January 10, 2013 1:26 AM PST
    I think Lucky nailed it. Not a fan of Norton myself but no need to muddy the water.

    Just to back-up what Lucky already said, i.e. you don't really need to read this: Should I be running Windows Defender with Norton Security Suite

    ( I'm not a computer geek but I play one at work )
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    January 10, 2013 2:25 AM PST
    Not a super big fan of Nortorn myself, but it does do its job. When I got a new computer at home back in Sept I decided to give Norton a try after reading lots of reports that they were better than in the past few years. Plus they had great pricing for the multi-computer licensing and with a few computers here at home it was a good deal.

    I have absolutely no complaints about the security itself and its ability to protect my computers, but it is a little resource heavy and slows things down a bit.
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    January 10, 2013 2:42 AM PST
    Since going over to Mac I have had no anti-virus software. I enjoy the lack of resource grabbing this brings. I do expect to need it though, and soon. The bastards who write that crap have started attacking the Mac platform now.
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    January 10, 2013 3:35 AM PST
    So Lucky, what's your take on AVG? Seems to do wonders for me and I have to agree that Norton has always been a pain in the arse.
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    January 10, 2013 4:53 AM PST
    AVG is an excellent program. has been ranked in the top 5 by the computer magazines for a few years now (Normally ahead of Norton). Used to be primarily a Freeware program way back and because of the popularity has grown into a real competitor in the market.

    My number one choice out of all of them is Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Great protection, very low impact on system speed and great support. That is what I will be going back to as soon as my Norton license expires.

    Update: I just saw that AVG does still offer AVG Free.  Not as robust as the Pro (paid) version as far as spyware, phishing software and some other stuff, but for straight Virus Scan the free version does all that the Pro Version does.  If you are going to go with AVG I would strongly recommend the Pro Version at only $39 for complete protection.

  • January 10, 2013 5:30 AM PST
    I prefer the free Avast. Automatic updates and no viruses. I check it with Trend Micro a couple of times a year.
  • January 11, 2013 7:54 AM PST
    Brewer wrote...
    I prefer the free Avast. Automatic updates and no viruses. I check it with Trend Micro a couple of times a year.

      .....Trend Micro is a Trusted Website/Company...

    ....I ALWAYS use Trend Micro's program called "Housecall" at the first sign of anything on any of my 'puters!!!