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Any Christian bikers rollin for the Lord here? Im new to CF!

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    December 30, 2009 9:28 PM PST
    hey all. My friends call me 'SingSing'. Just joined up and already this place seems alright with me!..Just wanted to give you all a new york 'shout out' and wish you all the best for the comin new year. Hopin all you guys and gals out there ride with the Lord's angels flyin over your shoulders and keep your eyes out for the bogies on the road! Last nite i couldnt wait and went for a midnight ride. Was about 17 degrees but it WAS GREAT!
  • December 30, 2009 10:52 PM PST
    welcome from ohio ,i ride an work with the broken chains motorcycle ministry
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    December 30, 2009 10:55 PM PST
    Welcome from North East NJ, SingSing
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    December 30, 2009 11:05 PM PST
    Welcome SingSing, there are many Christian Riders here. Just hang around for a bit.
  • December 30, 2009 11:31 PM PST
    Hey SingSing, welcome from the sunny south, bible belt, don't ya know.
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    December 31, 2009 8:13 AM PST
    Thanks all. Whew! Feelin da love in the air!!!!! Glad i stopped by and joined the neighborhood. Peace to all n God's protection, love and guidance to all your lil ones.....
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    December 31, 2009 8:20 AM PST
    Welcome SingSing, glad to have you. As Mike (RexTheRoadDog) said, we do have quite a few Christian Riders here. A few have started Groups which you can find here...CycleFish Groups (or just click More... on the main menu to find the Groups section).

    Again Welcome and have a Happy New Year!

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    December 31, 2009 8:59 AM PST
    Thanks Rex n Lucky. you guys are good dudes
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    January 1, 2010 8:45 AM PST
    welcome from aberdeen ,scotland .
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    January 1, 2010 8:52 AM PST
    Hey 'G' You Scottish? Cool. man, I dig that warrior face paint! pretty awesome,man.
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    January 1, 2010 9:15 AM PST
    aye ,spot on dude . like ur bike man .
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    January 1, 2010 12:29 PM PST
    Ridin' for Son in Wyoming!
  • January 16, 2010 12:22 PM PST
    Riding for the son..CMA Eunice,La Welcome SingSing
  • January 18, 2010 1:20 AM PST
    Founder & Pres of Alpha-Omegas M/C (since 1970) --- Welcome !
  • January 18, 2010 4:13 AM PST
    I'm a chapter president for CMA in Omaha, NE. I accepted the Lord in July of 1977.
    Blessings to you,
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    January 18, 2010 10:28 AM PST
    See SingSing... I knew we weren't alone. By the strangest of coincidences, I found another fellow Christian on here that also shares our birthday. Crazy, right? BTW... I haven't forgotten about the back patch. I'm still looking. Take care Brother!
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    January 18, 2010 12:06 PM PST
    thanks No Frets.. you got an open invite to let me show you and yours around NYC when ya ready...cheers..
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    January 18, 2010 1:12 PM PST
    Don't ride with CMA or anyone but I do worship the Lord.
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    January 24, 2010 7:47 AM PST
    Glad to hear it Pink. Hope we an connect...c
  • January 30, 2010 10:40 PM PST
    On Board with ya! Accepted our Lord in 1973. There are many Christians here. It seems like a nice site. A little bit of everything.
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    January 31, 2010 10:02 AM PST
    hey Wood!`Ya welcome to come visit me on FB or just drop me a kite,brother!
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    January 31, 2010 10:06 AM PST
    hey Wood!`Ya welcome to come visit me on FB or just drop me a kite,brother!
  • January 31, 2010 10:50 AM PST
    Wlcm From Orlando Fl. God bless
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    February 1, 2010 9:45 AM PST
    hey goes it....
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    March 2, 2010 5:47 AM PST
    I noticed there are several Christian groups in the Groups here. It's under More on the main menu!