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Praying for my son Ron Jr

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    June 26, 2017 6:48 AM PDT

    More great news for Ron Jr.  His eyesight has completely recovered and he is able to see out of both eye fine now.  The hearing in his left ear is almost completely restored and he is getting so used to it that most of the time he doesn't even realize he has no hearing in his right ear.  They are going to remove the metal plate from his wrist in the middle of July and then we will know if he is going to have movement/strengh in that wrist.  Still doing PT for the back and neck injuries and they are getting stronger every day.  The doctors are very positive about those and feel he will have no limitations with the exception of mior back pain if he over works it.

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    June 27, 2017 6:14 AM PDT


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    June 28, 2017 9:46 AM PDT
    Answered Prayers
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    July 4, 2017 10:34 AM PDT

    Hope you all are having a very nice Fourth and that Ron jr continues improving !!!  

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    July 6, 2017 7:15 AM PDT
    I pray all is well with the lords help all things are possible I see it everyday where I have worked for the last 29 years PT is always hard but it will pay off work hard and pray
  • July 7, 2017 4:06 AM PDT

    Prase the Lord


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    July 7, 2017 4:38 AM PDT
    [blockquote]Lucky said:

    My son, Ron Jr, was in a very bad off-road motorcycle accident on Sunday. He suffered head trauma, 4 fractures to scull, broken neck, broken vertibreas and broken wrist.  The good news I s even with all that there is no neurological damage and he is able to move all limbs, fingers and toes !!!!!  Its going to be a long recovery, but he is still with us, and at this point that is all that really matters.  

    Please keep Ronnie in your prayers.  



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    July 7, 2017 4:39 AM PDT
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    July 7, 2017 7:52 AM PDT

    Ron Jr's final surgury is scheduled for Monday.  They will be removing the temporary metal braces from his wrist and arm.

    Should be a pretty straight forward operation, but anytime someone goes under anesthesia and gets cut into I worrry


    I am praying for a successfull surgury and that he has use of his wrist when done.

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    July 8, 2017 9:27 AM PDT

    Sending good thoughts n prayers your way Lucky ! Speedyre nailed it,PT is all so important!!! I myself seen the evidence thru my brothers yearlong recovery from meningitis induced coma.Stick with it,it does pay off.

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    July 9, 2017 9:07 AM PDT



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    July 11, 2017 6:32 AM PDT

    Surgury on Ron Jr's wrist was successful.  They removed all of the metal and are very happy with the results.  He already has some movement in his wrist and they expect that to improve with physical theropy.

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    July 12, 2017 5:51 AM PDT

    Awesome News!!!


  • July 15, 2017 5:53 PM PDT

    Wow that is great news......Never look back, the future is ahead of you Ron Jr. Embrace it!

    Night Dragon

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    July 17, 2017 11:23 AM PDT

    Thanks for the good news and tell Jr don't over do it either. I broke my arm when younger and hated that old style cast I had on.Tho all the girls loved it !!