Need advice on how to deal with an MC living across the street f

  • May 18, 2015 5:09 AM PDT
    Hi there -
    I'm not a crazy, uptight old lady... and really don't care what folks do in their own homes as long as kids or women don't get hurt, you don't bring crime into my neighborhood and you're reasonably respectful of my ability to enjoy my own property. That said, I have a 1%er MC Club President who has moved in across the street from me (as renters)... and they're crappy neighbors. They - and their guests - blow their pipes (no, not idle their bikes or accelerate as needed, but blow their pipes VERY VERY loudly) with great frequency, ride across neighbor's lawns, use racial epithets, scream at their women, park everywhere, have club meetings... just not stuff you want to deal with in suburbia with an HOA (which is why I moved into suburbia with an HOA). When politely approached they are pretty polite in return, but just go back to the same crappy behavior right away.
       My neighbors are  intimidated by the simple fact that they are 1%ers... but aside from acting generally like jackasses, they seem pretty harmless. They just moved into a bad fit for their lifestyle (I have no idea why they chose my neighborhood - they had to know they'd subject to the usual noise and space considerations you get with a Homeowner's Association neighborhood) - and we're now to the point my toddler granddaugher can't nap anywhere in the house because of the noise, I can't enjoy a television show or a book inside (with the windows and doors shut -- in the back of my house), the house has 7 vehicles taking up parking on both sides of the street... and on the weekends when the club meets for a ride they set off car alarms when they haul out. It's just not cool.

    I'm planning on starting a steady campaign of complaints to my HOA (lease review, noise complaints, parking complaints - all founded) and the police (noise compliants, racial intimidation <this is what really sucks, SO not cool>, trespass... and if need be, file a civil suit for voiating my right to quiet enjoyment of my property. I don't want to be that person, but  it's that bad. I've lived here for over 20 years and will live here the rest of my life - as have and will most my neighbors - we all work hard and deserve to enjoy our homes.

    Any suggestions from bikers here on how to better get these folks to be better neighbors? I don't want them to leave necessarily, just to idle or keep a low rpm on their bikes in and out of the neighborhood, probably have club meetups elsewhere (15 bikes may not sound like a lot from MC standards.... it is WAY too many for my street, particularly when they aren't considerate), stop the racial epithets (we have a super cool black neighbor that is their target - and there is NO WAY I'll stand by for that ) and park with more consideration and generally not be dicks? Everyone is going to make some noise, say something dumb or have a loud party from time to time -- I get it. But this has now become intolerable and in many cases, illegal.

    Any advise you can give to avoid having to take extreme measurs would be VERY appreciated - I'd love to find a way for this situation to work our for everyone involved without having to take legal and civil measures.

  • May 18, 2015 1:02 PM PDT
    Keep in mind that 1% ers live for a reason to retaliate, so if you do anything that would give them just cause to retaliate then your in for a war. I like the part in Smokey and the Bandit where the Semi Driver got beat up in a bar by a bunch of Bikers, and When he got back into his Semi he noticed all the bikers that were in the bar had there bikes lined up in a row. So he just drove his Semi over every last bike, flat as hell.
    Maybe you could find a out of town Semi Trucker and for a few bucks, who knows what he would do for ya.
    Good Luck
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    May 18, 2015 7:14 PM PDT
    Yep what ND said.
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    May 18, 2015 11:37 PM PDT
    I didn't see where you said that you have talked to renter, have you?
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    May 19, 2015 2:17 AM PDT
    Stand your ground, don't take any crap, use the legal system unless you are able to deal with them in kind. You are definitely between a rock and a hard place.
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    May 19, 2015 3:34 AM PDT
    Yep, tough situation. I would try talking with them, maybe a time when the resident is alone and just explain the situation with the kids. I got a feeling this may work itself out sooner than you think. I am sure if they are 'out of place' the local police will be watching them and probably stopping by. The last thing they want is unnecessary attention from police.
  • May 20, 2015 3:48 AM PDT
    Hi-- and thank you for all your input, I truly appreciate you taking the time.

    Yes, I've talked to them quite a bit, and they're generally polite - but then go about doing as they please.

    As far as just smiling and taking it - not an option. Ever. Particularly with the racial slurs. Evil (or in this case just being a dick) thrives when good people do nothing - I live in a neighborhood with young families, elderly and other people who are afraid of these people. I'm simply not. Annoyed, yes, but not afraid - I didn't make it to 50 without learning how to take a punch, metaphorically or otherwise. Sometimes you have to put some skin in the game so you can look at yourself in the mirror. Sometimes you come away with a bruise or five - but at least you stood up.

    Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to weigh in. I'm going to start the slow, steady, very polite and very respectful process of police and HOA complaints.... man, I hate to do this - but someone has to. What grinds at me is that they'll think it's personal, or some kind of 'biker discrimination'.... but it's not. Just the basic fundamental that we all have to coexist with a little cooperation.

    And - don't think I didn't consider the semi. ;-)
  • May 20, 2015 10:19 AM PDT
    So the possible list of crimes that you may report to the police are:
    "they're crappy neighbors. They - and their guests - blow their pipes (no, not idle their bikes or accelerate as needed, but blow their pipes VERY VERY loudly) with great frequency, ride across neighbor's lawns, use racial epithets, scream at their women, park everywhere, have club meetings..." 

    The possible report to the HOA may state:
    "aside from acting generally like jackasses, they seem pretty harmless."

    You ask:"Any suggestions from bikers here on how to better get these folks to be better neighbors?"

    Personally, I think good communication and respect will go a long way, as pointed out by the other members. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I dont read where any crime or violation of rights has occured?

    I understand your wishes to be left alone and your wishes for queit family time. I understand your wishes not to hear screaming or racial epithets.  I think inviting the new neighbors over for dinner and a few cocktails with desert would be a good time to communicate those wishes with them. A proper housewarming gift may be appropriate.

    In being a gracious hostess and respected member of your community, you would convey:  "the basic fundamental that we all have to coexist with a little cooperation."  You would be working twards a peaceful resolution without conflict.

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    May 20, 2015 11:45 AM PDT
    W/out any idea of who is posting this,all I can say is do whatever you think is necessary within reason and the law of course. You also failed to mention what state you live in and what HOA rules would apply to the situation you have complaint about.Makes no sense to to move forward w/out any idea of what the consequences might be legally if you create a liability for your actions.
    Perhaps the best course would be to create an atmosphere of friendly discourse. I always find you attract more bee's w/honey than vinegar.
  • May 21, 2015 5:09 AM PDT
    @ Skyhorse and Purplebuzz - thanks for chiming in!

    A little about me - I don't ride (rode dirtbikes when I was a kid, I'm still trying to talk my hubby into cruisers for our retirement), I live in SoCal, I plan software conference and love my grandkids and my dog. Nothing very exciting to tell... I'm just someone who wants to live in my home in relative peace and do my thing - and I want the same thing for everyone else.

    This IS something that should be settled with a respectful chat and a handshake! I absolutely agree - and we've exhausted efforts in that regard. We've tried - many times - to have calm, courteous and respectful discussions. It's not just me having issues... it's most of the neighbors for 6-7 houses down the street on each side. We aren't a bunch of uptight ninnies, we are a very live and let live group of folks. NO ONE is trying to run these folks out of town, and we appreciate that they love their friends and family and pay their rent on time (and generally seem to take care of the property - or at least the property management company). Because they position themselves as a 1% MC (but they do seem rather harmless -- more Sons of Suburbia than Sons of Anarchy) a number of neighbors are afraid to approach them directly - but both my husband and I have tried everything from Hey Let's Have a Beer to Dude, you REALLY need to dial it down.. and nothing. All they really need to do is police themselves a little, use a little common sense/courtesy and probably meet up elsewhere (and so many clubs do this, it's just not unusual).

    We don't do this lightly, and I've never in the years I've lived here seen the neighbors this unified in frustration and this ready to blow. Something needs to change before it gets ugly - it's just going to take one beer too many and one dumb comment from someone for this situation to get very bad, very quickly. Our neighbors are cool people in general - but you know how people (and chickens) can get when they have a common enemy, they'll peck them to death given a chance. I don't want this to be a witch hunt or a harassment of these folks, but they've not left us much to work with.

    As far as crimes:
    Trespass and mischief (club motorcycles being ridden over neighbors lawns and down public sidewalks)
    Noise violations (California has very specific laws governing db levels of street bikes - most vehicles, for that matter)
    Domestic disturbance/ violence (way beyond marital tiffs, and it's pretty regular)
    Drunk in public, on public throughways
    Urinating in public
    Illegal parking
    Racial threats/harassment

    HOA violations (specific to our HOA only):
    Parking violations - you have to park at least one vehicle in the garage, one in your driveway and not block anyone's driveways.

    Motorcycle storage violations (resident bikes must be parked out of sight when not in operation - yeah, I think this one is kind of stupid, too)

    Public meetings - in general regular adult meetings are not allowed (Boy Scouts and Girl Scout stuff is cool - but not say... music rehearsals, adult clubs, etc. This one cuts both ways - my neighbor has a Bible study group that meets each week, but he came to the neighbors, asked if it was cool and we all ended up offering the use of our driveways for parking. OTOH - the guy who wanted his rock band to practice each Tuesday... no. Lots of gray area on this one but in general if you're creating a hassle for the neighbors, you can't do it.

    Noise rules (the usual -before 7am and after 10p, you need to be relatively quiet according to common sense - and a general noise rule about habitual/repetitive excessive noise)

    Littering/maintenance (yep - I get to clean up cigarettes, vomit and trash after their parties when club members park in front of my house. Yay, me.)

    Excessive residents (3 people or so on the lease - there's got to be 6-7 living there)

    In tract traffic violations (speeding, blocking, safety)

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    May 21, 2015 6:43 AM PDT
    I'm a HOA president in PA. I don't know how differenct laws are between PA & CA but here's my two cents. Ultimately it is the homeowner's (the guy who is renting the place out) responsibility to make sure association rules and regulations are followed. We've had similar situations where renters could care less about the rules and regs. We started assessing (fining) the homeowner for every rule broken and reg not followed. When it starts to hit him in the wallet he'll take the action on the renters, keeping everyone else outta the retaliation crosshairs. He could charge assessments back to his renters, hitting them in the wallet, and they'll either tone it down or get pissed and break the lease and pack up and move. He might even have a case for eviction if his lease agreement is written correctly.
  • May 29, 2015 8:14 PM PDT
    had a Rebels club house open 5 doors down from me 22 years ago so i went in had a beer ended up joining ,,,, so can i say to save the piece ,,SHHHH what ever you are going to do don't tell them ,,,don't compane to them do it in stealth of you are most likely to get burned ,,,, tact and grace are the best options Regards
    Gravel ,,,,hope it works out for you ,,,,,
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    May 31, 2015 8:01 AM PDT

    Gotta say that's a sticky wickett.  I'm with Gravel and many others here, tho.  Don't even give these guys the "heads up", that you're one of their detractors.  Retaliation can take many nasty forms.  Go downtown, and get the name of the owner of the house.  That's PUBLIC RECORD.  

    Have an attorney contact the OWNER, and threaten a CIVIL SUIT, for DISTURBING THE PEACE, in an HOA governed neighborhood, AND... UNLAWFUL SUBLETTING of an urban property.  

    If these guys are using this house, as a clubhouse, that breaks so many city ordinances, it ain't funny.  It's FREE to consult an attorney, the first time in most cases, and they can walk you through the litigation, should it come to that.

    In the meantime, start DOCUMENTING every infraction, and keep a good record.  Keep a date book, or the like.

    It looks like your only real recourse is going through the HOMEOWNER, and the HOA.
    Trust me, if they level fine's at him, he'll EVICT, pronto.  

    I'll be prayin' for Ya'll!  

    ADDENDUM: I used to fringe (many years ago, with a 1% Club.  For a very long time.  And one thing we always did, was respect the neighbors, and the neighborhood.  Things have changes a lot since then, and I know that.  But one thing that shouldn't RESPECT.

    Ride Free  

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    May 31, 2015 10:25 AM PDT
    Gotta say that's a sticky wickett. I'm with Gravel and many others here, tho. Don't even give these guys the "heads up", that you're one of their detractors. Retaliation can take many nasty forms.

    I agree with Gravel. Tact and grace are the best options.

    I would be hesitant to get an attorney. Your name will be available.
    I would not film anything. The only filming going on near a club house are the feds or local police.

    I would contact the HOA, stay out of it the best you can.
    Let the HOA contact the owner.
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    June 1, 2015 9:27 AM PDT
    Yes, I revised what I said. Upon further consideration, I think the wisest course IS to let the HOA contact the homeowner. Stuff like this get's my back up. Got a hair trigger lately. Especially when respect has seem to have gone out the window....

    My value's haven't changed, but it sure feels like the rest of the world's has....

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    June 11, 2015 7:26 PM PDT
    could be worse. could be livin next door to opera singers
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    June 11, 2015 7:27 PM PDT
    or Aussies....
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    June 11, 2015 10:12 PM PDT
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    June 17, 2015 10:35 AM PDT
    Dang, it BOOF, where was ya when I climbed up on the soap-box, and FELL OFF???

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    June 17, 2015 11:25 PM PDT
     Dem soap boxes can be slippery
  • June 18, 2015 8:52 AM PDT
    With all due sympathy for the situation, with some slight adjustments, I think this would make for a hallaroius reality TV show.
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    July 1, 2015 10:03 AM PDT
    Yes...Yes they can. lol

    I think I'll stick to ministry, on my soap box.

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    August 19, 2015 6:09 AM PDT
    Well, it has been 3 months since Ms Blyth has dropped a line...
    Wonder how it's going?

    I've been on the other side of the street, watched as the neighborhood slowly gathered themselves for an oncoming confrontation. The VP lived there, about 5' 10", 260 lbs, bald and had a glare that could peel paint. He too was approached several time about exactly the same things. There was no HOA and he owned the house, also no racial tension from HIM... He was Puerto Rican and the area was solid white. The club was 15-20 members, meetings were held there, several members lived there and he turned a deaf ear to the neighbors. Cops were called, tensions were running high on both sides, bikes had been vandalized and retaliation was windshields broken and tires slashed.

    What happened? Not a clue. I left while the leavin was good, too much drama for this rider, I was not a member and didn't 'owe' anyone in the club so I left. I think all the advice given was right on & I feel for ya Ms Blyth. Hope it works out for you and all concerned.
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    October 2, 2015 2:21 PM PDT
    See? That's real hard for me. At least...when I was able to own or rent a house of my own. I'm VERY territorial myself. I protect, what I work for TOO. Now, if I weren't a biker...I wouldn't have said squat, and probably moved. YOU, Edge, are on the other end of that spectrum, tho, right? YOU know, just how ugly it could GET, and chose to remove yourself, from all of that DRAMA. And "entanglement". I get that, too...

    BUT, knowin' even what I know NOW. I'm too old to move for the sake of some punk ass wannabe's
    with a ...
    lil' club thing.


    I've paid MY DUES. And if you were to be so FREAKIN BOLD, in a quiet neighborhood, where you KNEW
    you were steppin...Than the fight you brought is the fight you GOT.

    I'll DiE for Jesus, any day of the week, and then some.  
    You cross that line...bein' a FOOL, well...
    It's on. Til it ain't.

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    BOOF wrote...
    or Aussies....

    WE arnt that bad man !! 
    Only on weekends