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Hydraulic clutch problems

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    July 19, 2014 1:27 PM PDT
    I have 2008 Ultra CVO.  It has a hydraulic clutch and I need to bleed air out after every hundred miles of use of so.  It seems to build pressure in it until the clutch starts to slip.  I just squirt a little fluid out of the bleeder screw on the actuator and all is fine for a short time.  Where is the air coming from?? There are no fluid leaks only air getting in to the system.
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    July 20, 2014 2:46 AM PDT
    Air can get in only one of two ways, there is a tiny, tiny leak allowing it to suck air in as the fluid cools. It may mot leak fluid as fluid is thicker than air. Or it is getting to hot and the fluid actually boils. this way usually clears after the fluid cools. My next step would be disassembly and close inspection of all fluid connections including the bleeder. Cleaning and replacing any suspicious.

    Good luck.
  • July 23, 2014 7:46 PM PDT
    One way to make sure of the seals would be to just simply do a clutch adjustment and fluid change. They sell a fluid change kit with all the seals and o-rings needed at Harley for about 20 bucks. How many miles do you have on the CVO?
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    August 4, 2014 4:19 AM PDT
    50,000 miles but 25000 after engine replacement
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    August 7, 2014 1:09 PM PDT
    Was anything done to the bike right before this started happening?

    If not I would suggest what wheels said and change the fluid and ALL the seals.
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    November 10, 2014 4:24 AM PST
    Hey shovelhead86, you ever get this resolved?