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My ride today

  • December 1, 2013 10:58 AM PST
    Went for a nice little ride today. It was freezing cold upper 50s had to wear long sleeves. rode up SC Hwy 41 to 402, turned on Copperhead Rd, then Alligator Rd did about a 60mile loop stopped at Huger Park (pronounced HUE GEE) All this is in the Francis Marion Forest. Great back road riding lots of nice scenery camping hiking trails  and best of all it's close to my house.
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    December 1, 2013 3:16 PM PST
    Looks like a nice place for bass fishing. :-)
  • December 1, 2013 4:33 PM PST
    LOL in the next to last pic. You can barley see a post on the hand rail, that's DNR's new rules for striped bass
  • December 1, 2013 4:41 PM PST
    It's a free campground with water, grills, tables boat landing outhouses. no showers not busy
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    December 1, 2013 10:31 PM PST
    nice pictures
  • December 1, 2013 10:56 PM PST
    How beautiful. It looks like a wonderful serene place.
  • December 2, 2013 10:27 PM PST
    Like your FXR!
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    December 4, 2013 5:10 AM PST
    Nice looking area to cruise in.Thanks for sharing the pics.
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    December 4, 2013 5:37 AM PST
    Gonna get down that way in '04. After our ride to Arizona in April. Perhaps on the way back. But of course it's not really "on the way" but I never paid much attention to that. I'll give ya a heads up before hand Dave. Nothing quite like the Carolina's IMO.

  • December 5, 2013 1:48 PM PST
    Nice area - thanks for the pics, and your bike looks great!