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new Chapter openings

  • I have been in a club, albeit a social riding club for over 10 years. Some of you readers know this already. Some don't, for all intentts and purposes its called the American Motorcycle Club. Our club motto is The drinking club with a motorcycle problem. It must sound funny to some that an Australian based club has coined the name American...this is easily explained in that you have to own a harley davidson to be elible to join. No ther motorcycles are its elitist.

    We have Chapter scatterecall around the country...which makes us very popular...and keeps us busy travelling to various areas to join together and party the nights away. 

    Recently we opened a chapter in the Hunter Valley which is about 150 miles north of where i live..It's drew its name from the area it was inaugorated Coalfelds chapter.

    When a new chapter is inaugorated they get 12 months probation time to make sure they are not a flash in pan chapter..some people are apparently patch collectors...go figure.

    So the inaugoration party was Cessnock which is a town in the Hunter Valley..we booked out 2 hotels and a motel to cater for the clubs to come together and drink in the new chapter. Along with the ceremoney that gets you indoctrinated in....a variation of lick sip suck.....snort salt up your snoz...have fresh lemon juice squeezed into your eyes....then while your blinded by the stinging lemonjuice....shoot a shot of tequila, luckily so far no one has swapped over for mescal and a worm...but that may day.

    Nights like these give the whole club reason to kick back socialise and make new friends...and then extremes seem to always pop the dude who poured his beer over a president of a chapter not his own's head. For reasons that I cannot fathom today, 2 weeks after the event...but it must have seemed like the thing to do at the time...ramifications will be aired this week when we gather together at Dungog for our annual Thunderbolt rally.

    Mostly like all riding clubs, the theme is about the ride. To the venues and then back home again. The thing that gets me the most is that everyone breaks their necks to get there...have the party then break their necks again to get home. Why I have no idea, but this year will be different...I only have to follow the route taken and pick up any breakdowns..maybe my driving the breakdown van is a ramification  for wasting a perfectly good beer. Only time will tell. 




  • Lucky
    Lucky Sounds like a fun group. Only thing I would change about the drink tradition is while the other guy was blinded from the lemon, I would drink his tequila :-)
    May 16, 2013
  • mac117
    mac117 Hey Jonesy....just to give you a heads-up...your club motto has been the Boozefighters MC motto since 1946 or 47. Just passing that along.....
    May 28, 2013
  • Jonesy1340
    Jonesy1340 thanks you think it will be a have they copyrighted those words in that format? Apparently we had a boozefighters chapter here in Oz once..but i think they got swallowed up by a bigger club...
    May 28, 2013
  • mac117
    mac117 Hey Jonesy, honestly I don't think they will give it much thought (just tell them you're trying to uphold their tradition!). I don't believe it's copyrighted. Look up the club on google. They have a lot of web pages. I just wanted to pass that on to...  more
    May 29, 2013