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Full Throttle Saloon on TruTV

  • Los Angeles, CA (CNS) - The smell of roughhewn leather and motorcycle exhaust hangs heavy in the air with the newest series from truTV.

    "Full Throttle Saloon" focuses on the Sturgis, S.D., tavern of the same name, renowned as the "world's largest biker bar." The hour-long series, which will first air on Nov. 10, follows the business decisions faced by Throttle owner Michael Ballard as he provides entertainment, liquor and more for the array of bikers attending the yearly two-week Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

    One of the main features of the series is Ballard's money woes in operating The Throttle, which is only open for business once a year for the two week period during the rally. His problems are exacerbated by the financial restraints of the economic recession, which in turn affects the rally's turnout. The regular predicaments linger as well, with gangs, weather, local law enforcement and the handling of the rally's musical performers providing difficulties.

    The behind-the-scenes format of "Full Throttle Saloon" allows viewers the chance to see all the planning and stress involved in the management of the rally. But the process isn't all bad, as Ballard and company work tirelessly to make the 69th anniversary of the rally as memorable as ever for the Harley Davidson-loving crowd.

    Ballard's Full Throttle Saloon is a 30-acre establishment that functions not only as an indoor/outdoor bar but also contains several outdoor stages, a burn-out pit, a tattoo parlor, zip lines, a wrestling ring, restaurants, shops and hundreds of cabins with plentiful parking for its biker clientele.

    "Full Throttle Saloon" is executive-produced by Arthur Smith, Kent Weed and Frank Sinton of A. Smith & Co.; Jesse James Dupree of Mighty Loud Entertainment; and Arnold Rifkin of Cheyenne Enterprises.

    Now in its 17th year on the air, truTV has a lineup that includes shows such as "The Smoking Gun: World's Dumbest?" and "Forensic Files."


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  • bullmoose
    bullmoose I hung out there alot this past rally and keep looking to see my bike. I wish they would of showed more of the hale storm that hit on Tuesday. It did $4,000 damage to my truck but the bike and toy hauler came out ok.
    November 29, 2009
  • Lucky
    Lucky That must have been one hell of hail storm!!!
    November 29, 2009
  • Lucky
    Lucky Yep Painter I remember could sit on yor bike for the concert and rev the engine to get the band to come out for an encore. You could do that over at the Buffalo Chip too unless it was one of the headliners. 
    December 23, 2009
  • Lucky
    Lucky Hey Bullmoose...Saw the hail storm on the show the other night. Yeah it was a bad one.
    December 23, 2009