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Life After a Near Death Experience

  • Life as a police officer can be a great but deadly career. As police officers, we kiss our family goodbye and hope that we get to see them after our shift. As police officers, we know there is a chance that we may not be coming home to our families. We leave our families to protect other families.

    It is not very often that you meet someone who you would buy a beer for within a 30-second conversation. I got to talk and interview Ed Hinchey, a police officer who was shot three times in the line of duty. Ed was a police officer for Forest Hills Police Department in Pennsylvania. Ed survived his deadly encounter and now lives a great life after law enforcement but has a daily reminder of being shot.

    Ed now works at Safariland and owns Thunder Roads Magazine, Pennsylvania. Safariland makes law enforcement gear, including vests, holsters, gun belts, and accessories. Here are some of the questions that I asked Ed and his responses.

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