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Antelope Valley Motorcycle Off-Roading

  • The Antelope Valley has approximately 2200 square miles, and most of the antelope valley is dirt. There are hundreds of dirt roads all over the Antelope Valley that allow the adventurous riders to travel for hundreds of miles without touching a paved road.

    Once you travel west, east, or north of Lancaster and Palmdale, you will find lots of dirt roads and trails that you can spend all day and all night discovering. As you travel into the Antelope Valley on the 14 Freeway, it looks like it's just a big town full of asphalt, buildings, and lots of cars but there is so much more to explore. Before you start exploring there are some legal issues that we need to discuss.


    These laws cover both off-highway vehicles and on-road vehicles. In Los Angeles County, you can not ride any off-highway vehicles on private property unless you have permission, government property, or commercial property. If you are caught riding any off-highway vehicle on any property but your property or property that you have permission to ride on, you can be cited for 15.68.020 of the Los Angeles County Code, Click Here. You could also be arrested for trespassing if you were warned not to be on the property or there are no trespassing signs, Click Here.


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