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A Navy Corpsman Turned Pirate: A New Beginning After a Motorcyc

  • After serving 12 years in Afghanistan, U.S. Navy Corpsman Mike Diaz, a combat medic for the Navy lost his leg in a motorcycle accident.

    As a U.S. Navy Corpsman and combat medic for the Navy, Mike Diaz assisted Marines on the frontlines in Afghanistan during one long deployment sometime in the last 12 years. [A combat medic specialized in field medicine: when a marine is injured on the battlefield, it’s the combat medic’s job to stitch them up and send them back to the frontline. Mike was unable to give further details about his deployments.] Mike is currently still an active-duty Navy Corpsman, currently stationed in California. Mike Diaz lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in September 2019. This is his story.

    One week prior to my second scheduled deployment, my girlfriend Sid and I were riding our motorcycles home from a date night near downtown San Diego, California. We were taking every opportunity to enjoy our time together before being shipped off to aid my brother Marines on the frontlines.

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