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Sade Sanchez: LA Witch

  • Sade Sanchez, singer, and guitarist in the all-female band, LA Witch, shares her music and motorcycle story.

    Sade Sanchez is someone I’ve always admired. When I first saw her band, L.A. WITCH, play at Babes Ride Out 5 years ago - I couldn’t believe I was looking at an all-women band that sounded so awesome and just, different. Since then, I have been to 5 of their shows and listened to their music religiously.


    At the Harley Davidson 115th Anniversary Party in Milwaukee 2 years ago, I went to their show at a local biker bar and had the chance to actually meet Sade. She told me she also rides a motorcycle and I just thought she was just the coolest. After that, I moved to LA and we linked up as real friends.


    I invited Sade on our Kernville “Hell Ride” - a story I had written for this blog last summer - and she came with. I was stoked there was another girl there who was a great rider. I left from Kernville that weekend later than everyone else and had heard that Sade crashed her bike on her way home, but she was fine.

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