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Sean Rucker, Sportbike Chic: She's Got Your Best Assets Covered

  • Sportbike Chic is a women’s motorcycle apparel and accessories line with a mission dedicated to fitting women regardless of their size.

    Sean Rucker started Sportbike Chic, a women’s motorcycle apparel and accessories line, in 2016 - from absolute scratch. Sean’s mission is dedicated to fitting women regardless of their size.

    “With the growing number of women motorcyclists and passengers out there, there still seems to be a gap in what's available.

    What we do is provide the protection every woman deserves.

    We want them to be able to enjoy the riding experience and get home as safely as possible with gear that fits because it’s sized appropriately for them.”

    It is one thing to notice that there is a gap in the market, but it’s another thing entirely to decide to create your own brand. Sean admits that Sportbike Chic evolved from a desire for better gear for herself.

    “At first it was more selfish, just noticing that there was a gap in what was available. As I grew in my motorcycle journey, I wanted more gear, I wanted more options and I wanted to make sure that every ride was the safest possible. Every place I went, they didn't quite have anything my size, and I was kind of disappointed."

    "Then I had some conversations where, in the whole grand scheme of things, some of these ladies were just "used to" that environment.

    By that time, I was frustrated enough to want to do something about it, to look for manufacturers, to design some jeans, and to actually start a business.”