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Veterans Need The Perfect Assignment

  • If you ever wanted to know what's actually like to serve in the military, just stand trackside at the Blackall Racing hospitality suite.


    In the veteran community, we are all in it together, meaning no matter what our branch of service as we are all looking out for each other and our wellbeing. As a civilian, if you ever wanted to know what it was actually like to serve in the military and hear some of the craziest stories, just stand silently listening to veterans talking about the good ol’ days. These conversations are a nightly occurrence, trackside at the Blackall Racing hospitality suite.

    Helping veterans and expanding our reach for veterans is part of Blackall Racings mission. Our partnership with in the 2020 MotoAmerica season was just that!

    Through Blackall Racings partnership with Vet2Track veterans in the program have the opportunity to come to the track for a professional national race weekend. They stay in the paddock with other veterans in the program and they work with their assigned team for the weekend. They feel engaged, connected, and have a purpose while being a contributing part of the mission to get the racer on the track, so the rider can do what they do best- RACE! Through this unique opportunity here are three first-hand, testimonials from veterans that have worked on our team and the benefits they enjoyed from the experience.

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