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Christina Platis: Artist, Tattooer and Rider

  • Christina Platis: Artist, Tattooer and Rider By Anya Violet of Babes Ride Out

    For Christina, the art of tattooing, much like motorcycles gave her life when she was lost. Now she shares her talent with hundreds every year at Babes Ride Out.

    I first met Christina Platis while we were both living in Long Beach. She was finishing up a degree from Cal State Long Beach in Studio Art – Drawing and Painting. We had some mutual friends and instantly gravitated toward each other.

    It wasn’t long after we started hanging out regularly, riding our skateboards around town, and watching our friend’s bands play at the local bars, that she started apprenticing as a tattoo artist. After graduating from college, she was working in graphic design and quickly realized that the, increasingly digital world of graphic design just was not the environment she belonged in. Christina always preferred hand drawing over a computer screen. Her, bright and bold American Traditional tattoo designs really came alive in paint and I couldn’t wait to see how they transformed on the body.

    As someone looking in from the outside, it was incredible to see how naturally and quickly, she fine-tuned her craft. She would tell you that long hours of patiently learning and lots of practice went into becoming the artist she is today. I recently asked her if she has any specific philosophy about tattooing. 

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