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Impressions of the trip

  • Well here are the stats and impressions after getting all the bills in.

    We went a total of 8439 miles in 23 days (not all were travel days. We had 5 days of just sight seeing, not on the bikes.) That averages out to 468 miles for each travel day.

    We went through 21 states.

    Total cost, not including odd purchases (clothes, souvenirs, etc) was $3383.47 for an average of $147.10 a day.

    Fuel was $836.21
    Rooms were $1674.08
    Food was $873.18

    We could have saved a lot by camping along the way, but it would have changed the trip dramatically. We tried to stay at inexpensive places, but sometimes we were tired and just wanted to splurge a bit.

    The best Motel chain (by far above any other) was Econolodge. They averaged out at $54 per night and were clean and had nice rooms.

    Lori's V-star 950 averaged 59 MPG overall (freeway speeds knocks it down a lot)  - 143.1 gallons
    My v-star 1300 averaged 49 MPG overall. - 172.2 gallons
    Gas prices ranged from $2.34 in North Carolina to $3.47 in Northern California with an average of $2.65

    The nicest area overall for just riding and friendly people and scenery etc. was in the south/east U.S.

    Nicest place to live that we saw (other than our home Northwest.) was on the west side of Florida up to the panhandle.

    The most unexpected thing on the trip was that everyone wanted to talk to us about our trip. What were we doing, where were we going, did we really ride all that way, etc. People were extremely friendly overall.

    The places we want to go back and see more of; Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia.

    This was one of the best vacations we have had and are really looking forward to the next one.

    We are looking at going to the meet and greet in N.Y. next June. Just working on the logistics. We are thinking of going straight to N.Y., then back to Chicago and follow Route 66 all the way to the pier at Santa Monica, and then up the Pacific Coast Hwy to home. It should be another great trip!

    Thank you for following along!


  • RufCut WOW! Sounds like it was a great trip!
  • Lucky Gary, it does sound like the type of trip everyone should do at least once... just a few more years (son is a Freshman in HS now) until we can do something like that.