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Day 19 - Into Las Vegas

  • It seems like a lifetime, so much has happened. I had to look and see where I left off.

    We left Gallup and continued down I-40 but didn't get too far before our first stop. The petrified forest national park.We have never been through it and we probably will never will if we don't do it now, so...


    If you have been to Arches National park, you will be disappointed, but it was ok. They had the painted mountains and some petrified logs to see. It is only a 28 mile drive through, so it didn't take too long anyway.


     We also found out that Route 66 went through the park. There is ans old car and a Cadillac bumper left behind.

    We continued west and went through Flagstaff. I have to tell you I was impressed with the area. I did not think it was as high as it is was, and was pleasantly surprised to find it was very much like the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern California, Just not as many rocks. It looked like a great place to live.

    It all went downhill from there. Literally.

    We stopped for gas about 85 miles west of there after coming down out of the mountains and there was a rider that had tire problems. He already tried fix-a-flat and a plug with no luck. We asked if we could help, but he already had a trailer coming to get him.

    We turned off on Hwy 93 towards Vegas and that is the most boring, flat monotonous, dry, hot, miserable excuse for a road there ever was. The speed limit is 65, so it seems we were crawling after 75 for 2 days and then we hit the construction going to Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. We were down to 35 mph in 95 degree heat for 20 miles. It was miserable. The dam is just as pretty as it ever was and the lake is one of the best. If you haven't been to it, I recommend you do it soon. The new Hwy is about finished and when it opens they are probably not going to allow you down to the dam. The hwy crosses over the ravine 500 feet up.



    By this time we were hot and tired. Good thing it was only 30 more miles to Vegas.

    We got into town at 4:30, so we hit rush hour, and Lori does not like traffic. We finally made it to Bally's and the attendant out front told us we could not unload there, we had to go to the self park area and carry all our stuff back to check in. That did not make us happy. Carrying 2 pack, our helmets, computer and Ice chest is a bit much to carry through 2 casino's. (the parking garage serves Paris and Bally's Hotels.

    Lori gets to the front dest to check in and tells the girl there about it and she was apologizing and was very sorry. This Hotel is supposed to have Valet parking for motorcycles with a special secure area for them.

    Lori and I are members of the Harrah's Total rewards program, so we had already booked the room through the program, so it was free for the 2 nights, Now with this fiasco, the girl at the counter upgraded us to a Suite, also at no charge. So we get 2 nights at Bally's in a suite for no charge. Not bad!

    We got unloaded and went for a short walk, did a little gambling, and crashed for the night.

    This morning we wandered over to Caesars Palace ( I love that place) and looked around. Then over to Mirage to see the dolphins and the white tigers.



    Right now Lori is out gambling and I am resting. Here in a bit we are going out to see Cher live at Caesars Palace.

    Tomorrow we head for Reno.


  • Lucky Well, did she win any money !!??
  • GaryTJ No, but we didn't loose either.
    We did get to see Cher in concert.
    Yah, she's still got it. She is hot!
    She wore that outfit from "If you could turn back time"
    Every red blooded American male knows the one!