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Event Details

  • Sat, Aug 10, 2024
    11:00 AM
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, Ironton, OH
  • 1001 Ironton Hills Dr
  • Ironton, OH 45638
  • Event Host:

    Candida Sperry and Aaron Mowery
  • Event Contact Info:

    Candida Sperry

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Event Desc

  • Rev up your engines and mark your calendars because the 3rd Annual Kini Bini Gift of Life Benefit is back and better than ever! \ud83c\udfcd\ufe0f Join us for a day filled with heart-pounding excitement and meaningful impact.

    Get ready to hit the road with our thrilling Motorcycle Ride, where every mile brings us closer to making a difference. Afterward, dive into the excitement of our Auction, where incredible treasures await their new owners. And let's not forget about the Live Bands, bringing the rhythm and vibes to keep the celebration going strong.

    But that's just the beginning! With so much more in store, this event promises something for everyone. Whether you're a motorcycle enthusiast, a music lover, or simply someone who wants to support a worthy cause, there's a place for you here.

    So come on out and join us for a day of fun, community, and giving back. Together, let's make a difference at the 3rd Annual Kini Bini Gift of Life Benefit. See you there! \ud83c\udf89

    About Lifebanc Organization:
    Lifebanc is a real nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting organ and tissue donation and facilitating the transplantation process. Based in Northeast Ohio, Lifebanc serves as the designated organ procurement organization (OPO) for the region. Here's more about what they do:

    1. **Organ Procurement**: Lifebanc coordinates the recovery of organs from deceased donors in its service area. This involves working closely with hospitals, medical professionals, and donor families to identify potential donors, evaluate their suitability for donation, and facilitate the donation process.

    2. **Tissue Donation**: In addition to organs, Lifebanc also facilitates the donation of tissues such as skin, bone, and corneas. These tissues can be used in various medical procedures, including skin grafts, bone grafts, and corneal transplants, helping to improve the lives of recipients.

    3. **Education and Awareness**: Lifebanc conducts extensive outreach and education efforts to raise awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation. This includes community events, school presentations, and partnerships with local organizations to spread the message and encourage individuals to register as donors.

    4. **Support for Donor Families**: Lifebanc provides compassionate support and resources to the families of organ and tissue donors. This includes counseling services, assistance with funeral arrangements, and opportunities for donor families to connect with one another and share their experiences.

    5. **Transplantation Advocacy**: Lifebanc advocates for policies and initiatives that promote organ and tissue donation and transplantation. This may involve working with lawmakers, healthcare organizations, and other stakeholders to address barriers to donation and improve access to transplantation services.

    Overall, Lifebanc plays a crucial role in saving and improving lives through organ and tissue donation. By facilitating the donation process, raising awareness, and supporting donor families, Lifebanc helps to ensure that the gift of life continues to be shared within the community.

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  • Event Category: Benefit - Charity

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