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    February 27, 2009 4:56 AM PST

    We are going to keep the rules to a minimum simply to ensure the site stays on track with a friendly comfortable environment.  These rules apply to the forum and all areas of the site.


    (Click Here for the Complete Site Rules & Guidelines)


    1. Never post any direct attacks on any other user on the board, even if they deserve it.  If you feel someone needs to be banned from the board, just let us know.
    2. Make no posts related to racism, hate, extreme violance, etc.
    3. Post no nude pictures, or sexually explicit material.
    4. Do NOT promote events in the forum, that's what our event calendar is for.
    5. No politcal or religious posts.  Just seems to get everyone in a frenzy, and we are here to have fun!!!
    6. Do not post links to websites containing any of the prohibited content above.
    7. Do not include links to other websites in your forum signature
    8. Do not post items for sale in the forums, use our classified section for that.

    Business Users

    Business Users are NOT permitted to start a Topic soley to promote their business or product.  You may however respond to a topic posted by another user and suggest your business or product if it provides an answer to a question posted.  Nor should a business user post a link in the forum unless it is in direct response to a question.


    You may not post "Check out Our Custom Lighting Products"

    You may respond with a link to your business if another user posts..."I want to add custom lighting to my bike".


    When you first join CycleFish you are welcome to post an introduction in the New Members Forum introducing yourself, your business and your products.


    We understand that some may not agree with these rules, but if you want to remain a member here you will need to follow them.  This site may not be for everyone and we know that, that is why there are some many different social networks and forums out there.  So if you feel you cannot play within the rules, you should probably find a site more suited for your taste.

    We are working hard to constantly improve the site and add features, so we do NOT have the time to follow certain users around because they are constantly testing the rules.  Any user who has 3 or more items removed by a moderator will have their account automatically disabled.


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