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Rules for the Business Talk Category - PLEASE READ!

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    January 29, 2010 9:33 AM PST
    As you know we do not allow businesses to post ads or promotions in the general categories of our forum.  This is so that the forums stay ad free and remain a useful communication tool for our users.  However to show our appreciation to those businesses who are helping to support our great website, we have set up this area just for them.  Here our Preferred CycleFish Business Partners can share information about their business, products, services, events, or just about anything else.

    We do however have a few special rules for this category...

    • Only businesses who have upgraded their accounts may post here
      • for information on business account upgrades Click Here
    • You may post any information about your business, products, or services
    • Do not post a competitive product on another business' post, simply start your own post for your product
    • Do not bad mouth any other businesses or their products, instead tell us how good your's is

    Personal Users

    • Personal users MAY NOT start a new topic here
    • You are welcome to ask questions or request additional information
    • Do not use this as a means to discuss individual customer support issues, click the business name and send them a PM to address those individual issues
    • And finally, remember these are the Businesses that have voluntarily elected to support CycleFish with a subscribed account, so when you can, be sure to show your appreciation

    • 1 posts
    January 29, 2010 9:56 AM PST