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Share & Share Alike

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    March 20, 2017 12:41 PM PDT

    Your mother taught you to share and now we are asing you to.


    You may have noticed that we have added 'Social Share' buttons to our site that allow you to let your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, google+, etc know about CycleFish.


    Sharing is as easy as a click... when you want to share a CycleFish page with your friends on other networks, simply click the appropriate network share button on the left or the bottom of the page.  For more sharing options, click the + (plus) button. note: if you are not already logged in to your socail account (i.e. facebook) you will need to log in)


    A couple of the best things you can share with your friends are individual Event Listings to let them know what events you are going to and or our Event Calendar for your state to let them know what is going on (we do have the best calendar anywhere as you know).