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Accepting the inevitable

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    February 5, 2016 3:34 AM PST
    I will most likely be building a trike in the future.
    My wife has had a bunch of back surgeries, including plates, screws, fusions, and having a spinal stimulation device installed twice, on the 15th of this month she will be having a spinal reconstruction surgery.
    Before I sold the 03 Ultra with sidecar she was having a hard time getting in and out of the sidecar.
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    February 14, 2016 2:45 AM PST
    Ya I can relate from my jump gone wrong in the army. I just wish I could ride more than I can physically. After 150+ miles per day I have to relax because if I don't I won't be able to move for the next two or three days from pain. And that is with rests every few miles to rest between distances. I want to get my own truck just for pulling my bike just so I can go to local rallies around my area here in the south (including Daytona).

    I'm also looking at getting a dodge as well. That sure is a sharp looking truck. Congrats!