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If You See Spam Like This

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    October 19, 2015 11:40 PM PDT
     When you see postings like this send a PM to Lucky or any admin. This is spam, somewhat hidden as a legitimate post. Usually they are giberish but this spammer got a little creative and disguised it fairley well! 

     BTW this is a screen shot image and is safe and serves the spammer no good.

    DO Not click on any of the links!!!

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    October 20, 2015 2:04 AM PDT
    Thanks Mike!
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    October 20, 2015 3:13 AM PDT
    Interesting, this was an actual news story on the local news, not the spam part but the story part.
    Once again, Richmond known for stupid things.
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    October 20, 2015 3:31 AM PDT
    Yep, that's what they do. They use text (usually something current) to get picked up in search engines and then hope you click the links to their BS sites.
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    April 4, 2016 1:43 AM PDT
     and another one tried but has been deleted...If you see a message like this just delete it. 
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    April 6, 2016 3:18 AM PDT
    You may have recently received a notice that you have a message or friend request, however when you logged in there wasn't one. That is because we have had a couple of spammers on the system in the past week or so who have been sending out multiple scam messages and friend requests. We delete the user and the messages as soon as we see this, but the notice had already gone out.

    We apologize for this and assure you we are working on new methods to prevent this from happening.