The Bond between you and your pet

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    March 14, 2013 3:43 AM PDT
    Dudley my cat's day usually consist of running through the house like a herd of Horses, sleeping on top of his cat tree, or playing with his cat nip ball, but yesterday was a different day for the both of us.
    I woke up yesterday sick as hell with a bug of some sort, and couldn't get off the couch all day. After about 2 hours on the couch I noticed Dudley would either lay on a foot stool right next to the couch, get on the back of the couch, or then every once in a while he would jump up on me to see if I was still alive I guess, but Dudley NEVER left my side all day long. As crazy as it sounds my little buddy seemed to be concerned about me, and just would not leave my side. How do animals know these things, about the people they spend time around.
    Maybe if humans could maintain this kind of bond there would be less divorces, and a better quality of life for us all.

    Just wondering
    Night Dragon
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    March 14, 2013 5:07 AM PDT
    Yes there are amazing companions. We have three cat’s here and with my wife’s health failing I’ve watched all of them check in on her. On a good day they check in one at a time. When she’s not feeling well and returns to bed all three can be found by her side. There my gauge on how she’s doing. If there all around her I have check in and see what it is. So they know us better then ourselves at times.
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    March 14, 2013 2:30 PM PDT
    I'm too old and independent to have a frkn pet but I have two of 'em; a white dog and a black cat. And since I've been retired finding someone to care for them when we travel is a real pain in the arse. The cat is pretty easy but the dog isn't and honestly, I've tried every avenue to have someone care for her but other people just aren't responsible and I can't count on any of 'em. So, as much as I hate it, the dog goes in the kennel ...............the cat has a cat door and food in the garage.....a neighbor or my son will at least make sure his dishes are full.

    My advice, after 50 don't decide to get a pet if you truly want your freedom.

  • March 25, 2013 9:25 PM PDT
    Hell Night, Your cat didn't want his meal ticket to get punched EXPIRED.
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    March 26, 2013 7:19 AM PDT
    I have two miniature Australian Shepard's and if someone hurt them, I would have to claim temporary insanity as my defense at the trial. I care for them more than most people. They make me smile and laugh every day. They ride with us on our bikes and love to go.
  • May 16, 2013 10:38 PM PDT
    Diamond and Diesel my American Bulldogs..we have a great bond, and no one will ever mess with me! LOL