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Good Roads to Ride in Kentucky

  • September 23, 2012 12:50 PM PDT
    I was out cruising with my old lady and my buddy Roger, and when we decided to head back, we picked the first road that we found on google maps that would take us home.  We'd been riding the beautiful countryside of Kentucky for about 5 hours, and just decided to take the quick way home.  Not expecting too much, we tear down Hwy 227, and MAN what a ride!  It was gorgeous, windy, good surface, a great ride.

    So I get home, get clean, head to work, and decide to while away the hours looking at the map for more windy little roads, to make a list of all of the roads nearby that I want to hit, and all of my favorites that I ride all the time.  And here is that list, rated from top to bottom by fun, view, and road surface, best to worst...

    All of them.  Go ride all of them.

    No seriously, I don't think I've found a road yet that wasn't fun to ride.   If the view is lacking, then the surface is great and the turns are killer.  If the road's straight, the view is beautiful.  It's a terrible shame that riding season is coming to a close soon (end of riding season = first salt on the road, whatever they use to salt the roads here is like insta-rust), because the more I ride, the more I want to ride, and I ride every day.
  • September 23, 2012 10:52 PM PDT
    If you are in KY, take HYW 52 east from Richmond over to Irvine, then 89 to McKee, turn left at the stop light, then rt at the next light on 290. Follow 290 over to HYW 30 and follow it to HYW 80 toward London. Stop at Wildcat HD for some free coffee and rockin chair time out front. Take HYW 80 to US 25 and take it back north to Richmond. A little over 100 miles....lots of twisties and beautiful country.