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MRF Agenda Gets STEAM Power

Posted Fri at 10:09 AM by RevBigJohn

Last weekend, ABATE of South Dakota hosted the 34th Annual Heartland Seminar to Educate and Motivate ( Read More...

Wholesale & Retail Motorcycle Helmet Stickers

Posted Wed at 5:57 PM by USABiker

If you own a bike shop, biker gear store, smoke shop, gift shop or are a vendor that sets up at biker ral Read More...

Just A Month Away! Register NOW!

Posted Wed at 8:39 AM by RevBigJohn

More Than Holding Common Ground The l

No Speeding... Ever?

Posted Apr 12 by RevBigJohn

Earlier this year, a bill was introduced in California requiring “every passenge Read More...

Right To Repair Must Be Protected

Posted Apr 9 by RevBigJohn

Right To RepairMust Be ProtectedBob Kay - IMA Chairman Read More...

2022 Crash Statistics NHTSA Report Mixed News For Bikers

Posted Apr 5 by RevBigJohn

This week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released its fin Read More...

Nebraska Modifies Helmet Law

Posted Apr 3 by RevBigJohn

Lawmakers in Nebraska last week updated their new helmet law to make life easier for both Nebraska bikers and Read More...

Three MRF Roadshow Stops To End March

Posted Apr 1 by RevBigJohn

Out Like A LionThree MRF Roadshow Stops To End MarchOklahoma | Louisiana | Minnesota Read More...

2nd Annual Wish Ride for Make-a-Wish

Posted Apr 1 by WRC15481211

The Wish Ride of Colorado is a non-profit organization that raises money to grant wishes for children with lif Read More...

MRF Visits Waymo Latest In Robo-Taxis

Posted Mar 29 by RevBigJohn

Last week, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) attended an event in Washington, D.C., hosted by W Read More...

More Than Holding Common Ground

Posted Mar 26 by RevBigJohn

From: MRF Director of Conferences & Events To: MRF Members & All Motorcycli Read More...

Call To Action U.S. Senate Bill S. 3094

Posted Mar 22 by RevBigJohn

Wednesday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final rule on t Read More...

NHTSA On Notice Again

Posted Mar 15 by RevBigJohn

On March 9th, President Biden signed a Congressionally passed spending bill that funds half of the Fed Read More...

Ed Youngblood Former President of the AMA Passes At Age 80

Posted Mar 14 by RevBigJohn

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is sad to announce the passing of an esteemed figure Read More...

What Is The Chevron Deference Why Does It Matter

Posted Mar 13 by RevBigJohn

Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could upend t Read More...

MRF Roadshow Stops: Missouri Freedom of Road Riders

Posted Mar 12 by RevBigJohn

On Saturday, March 9th, MRF Director of Membership Eric Ross and MRF A&E Board Assistant Ron Braaksma Read More...

MRF Representatives Visit Insurance Institute for Highway Safet

Posted Mar 12 by RevBigJohn

MRF Representatives VisitInsurance Institute for Highway SafetyTest Center

MRF & IMA Meet In Daytona

Posted Mar 8 by RevBigJohn

On Wednesday during Bike Week in Daytona Beach, FL. representatives of the Motorcycle Read More...

Hidden Helmet Legislation?

Posted Mar 2 by RevBigJohn

The Connecticut Motorcycle Riders Association (CMRA) has identified helmet legislation Read More...

Stay Vigilant!

Posted Mar 2 by RevBigJohn

Regarding motorcycle safety equipment, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation has long advoc Read More...

E15 Changes In The Midwest

Posted Mar 1 by RevBigJohn

Last week the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a policy change related to gasoline Read More...

Right To Repair

Posted Feb 27 by RevBigJohn

In November 2023, HR 906, the REPAIR Act, cleared the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Innovation, Da Read More...

Jiggs Cressy Honored by Sturgis Museum Hall of Fame

Posted Feb 23 by RevBigJohn

Jiggs Cressy, who has been an MRF member for more than twenty (20) years, is to be rec Read More...

Having Second Thoughts?

Posted Feb 20 by RevBigJohn

Over the weekend, media reports have surfaced that the Biden Administration might loosen its rules for the cou Read More...

New Leadership For House Motorcycle Caucus

Posted Feb 16 by RevBigJohn

This week, the House Motorcycle Caucus announced changes to its leadership team. Congr Read More...

Independent Motorcycle Shops Under Attack

Posted Feb 14 by RevBigJohn

Proprietary tools and diagnostics are limiting what can be done by independent shops. These shops Read More...

MRF Roadshow Stops: ABATE of Wisconsin and National Council of

Posted Feb 13 by RevBigJohn

MRF Roadshow Stops:ABATE of WisconsinandNational Council of Clubs

The Unity Run Invitation To All 2 & 3 Wheels

Posted Feb 13 by bikers4fun

We Always Unite All Riders & All Brands To Ride In Safety By Numbers

Lawmakers Hit NHTSA on Fuel Economy Proposal

Posted Feb 9 by RevBigJohn

Late last month, 120 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate sent Read More...

RTR OKC April 20 2024

Posted Feb 9 by Roadrunner65