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Confessions of a personal rider

  • Where to begin?

    I suppose it all started over a decision we made to introduce our child to the Christian community and give her the education of Christ.

    My daughters father was going to this church in Newcastle De called freedom biker Church. I am an avid rider and so is he, at first it seemed like a great match.

    However there were some red flags in the beginning.
    The children were taught separately, which is normal in most churches that offer Sunday school however when I tried to peek in on her, I was verbally reprimanded by "Member Security".
    Mind you, since Delaware is an open carry state, this church encouraged it's member to bring their guns to church. This "unnamed" Member of security is armed and has handcuffs. Standing in front of the door leading to my child.

    I politely told him I was going to check on my child, he continues to verbally reprimand me for being in the back room during service.

    I was so upset at this altercation that I spoke to other members of the church about it. Some of them had had similar verbal altercations with the same security member. Like a good Christian I turned the other cheek forgave and moved on.

    A few weeks later I was on the side of the building in my car having a conversation on the phone and smoking a cigarette. The same unnamed security member came and stood at the front of my car the entire time. Playing with his handcuffs and staring at me. Occasionally putting his hand on his hip where his weapon was.

    Extremely intimidated and upset again I went to my child's father and other members of the church and expressed my feelings and issues with this unnamed security member.
    More excuses came, without a solution. Once again I was a good Christian I turned the other cheek I forgave and moved on.

    Today I went to church I arrived a little early. I was parked in a handicap spot with my handicap sticker visible. I allowed my daughter to go on inside with a church member I trusted, while I finished my cigarette and conversation on the phone.

    Once again I was targeted by this unnamed security member. I was told I was going to move my vehicle to the end of the parking lot. I told him politely no thank you I'm happy where I am. He told me again that I needed to move. I told him that he need to have a nice day and I rolled my window up.

    He stood there he put his hand on his holster while he played with his handcuffs. And then went inside. A few minutes later he came back outside. And stood in front of my vehicle, he was also greeting people coming in.

    I purposely waited for him to leave and then I rushed into the church to find my daughter's Father. Before I could explain what had just happened to me the unnamed security member had chased me inside and interrupted my conversation.

    At that point I was no longer willing to be silent. I had spoken out many times before with no reasonable solution or action. I did not feel comfortable in this church anymore I did not feel safe I did not feel listen to and I did not feel like I was protected.

    I was loud and disruptive and no longer willing to stay there I collected my child and left as quickly as I could.

    The pastor PJ came out as I was getting in the car. He was not willing to listen to what I had to say. He only made more excuses for this unnamed security member. Trying to convince me that he was enforcing their rules by harassing me and targeting me. He told me I needed to calm down and maybe we could talk later while the unnamed security member was standing right behind him staring at me.

    Later my daughter's father told me that PJ the pastor told him that I was just looking for a reason to leave the church. Insinuating that I was not really a member. I have to say that this hurt. And coming from a person who is supposed to accept anyone and everyone with open arms that would like to learn about the message of Christ. I was surprised at his arrogance an audacity. Because there was never an apology for any of this unnamed security members actions towards me or anyone else in the church. I guess I wasn't as an important of a member as he was.

    I want to end this on a good note. Most of the members of this church are genuine kindhearted and down to earth. I made a few friendships that I will miss. Because they should not have to suffer the loss of a friend and fellowship because of the actions of the church. And I do mean Church! When the pastor is aware of an injustice committed by one of his members against another member and chose to do nothing he represented his church because he is the face and voice of it.
    If I cannot feel safe or have the freedom to speak out when I feel like I am intimidated or targeted even when I go to the top.

    I've chosen to remove myself from the situation. These people and this church will soon fade to a distant memory. And I will keep them in my prayers and hope God chooses to open up their eyes and treat people equally. I wish everyone in that church happiness and peace and all the luck and love life has to offer. However these incidents will stay with me as a reminder to always speak out against those that oppress us. Even if they don't listen even if they blame you even if they make excuses for your oppressor speak out. And always pray for them