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30th Anniversary Harley-Davidson Hog Rally in Senigallia, Italy


    30th Anniversary Harley-Davidson Hog Rally in Senigallia, Italy


    It’s official! The 30th Annual European H.O.G. Rally was just announced and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you all about it! The event will be held from June 6th -9th, 2024 in the beautiful town of Senigallia, Italy. If you’ve never been there, Senigallia is quaintly nestled upon the Adriatic coast. It boasts a stunning shoreline with white sand and the dreamiest beach fronts you can imagine. 


    The Rally will take place amidst the beautiful and historic piazzas of Senigallia, setting a vibrant atmosphere that will instantly captivate you and fill you with excitement. The surrounding area of Rocca Roveresca will not disappoint as it is just as equally beautiful with access to awe-inspiring scenic routes befitting the motorcycles that will descend upon the region. Riders will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the roads and immerse themselves in breathtaking landscapes that they will never forget. 


    Harley-Davidson has been hosting their Annual European H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) Rally for decades and to mark their 30th Anniversary, Harley promises to raise the bar yet again. After all, thirty years is so no small feat. With previous locales showing off Ireland and even Latvia, bringing this event to Italy, a country drenched in rich history in as much as beautiful landscapes, there really is no better place to up the ante. 


    But really, this event isn’t just about bikes. Not really, anyway. The 30th Anniversary Harley-Davidson Hog Rally is about the people. It’s about the sense of community within the two-wheel lifestyle. It’s about brotherhood. Boasting more than 1,400 chapters of the H.O.G. worldwide, Harley owners will arrive in Senigallia, Italy with anticipation of meeting people from all walks of life who share the same enthusiasm and love for all things Harley. 


    Hope to see you there!


    Stay tuned for more updates as information about the 30th Anniversary Harley-Davidson Hog Rally in Senigallia, Italy unfolds. 




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