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A Rider Symphony

  • A Rider Symphony

    The Ride is the way. For people like us, it is the only way. Riding gives a sense of freedom, a sense of adventure. Of possibility. Like it's lurking, just around the bend. Riding connects you to the world around you. The engine roars to life and you roar right back.

    You straddle your motorcycle and the world instantly becomes your own. The road unfurls in front of you, like a welcome mat, seducing you to explore her. 

    A car won’t cut it. You can’t feel the twist of the throttle, the control… You can’t weave through obstacles, or feel the wind pounding your chest, a reminder of WHO THE HELL YOU ARE. 

    The open air gives the intimate feel of every place you’ve ever been and every place you’re heading. You’ll smell the flowers and you’ll feel the sun. Each ride is a new mistress for you to discover, allowing you the pleasure of appreciating the beauty of life…your way.


    Written by: Lulu B (EventEditorLulu)



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