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ABATE: Protecting Freedom on the Open Road

  • ABATE: Protecting Freedom on the Open Road

    By: Lulu, Editor,


    Across the United States, an ever-growing number of motorcycle enthusiasts unite under the banner of ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education). However, depending on who you ask, ABATE is  "A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments" and alternatively stands for "American Bikers Against Totalitarian Enactments", "A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education", "American Bikers for Awareness, Training & Education", or "American Bikers Aimed Towards Education." Depending on which state or region you reside, the specific acronym could be slightly different. 

    ABATE along with many other MROs (Motorcycle Rights Organizations) have become an immense force in promoting motorcycle safety, advocating for riders' rights, and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among bikers. ABATE groups are much more than simple social gatherings; they serve as vital platforms for education, awareness, and grassroots activism, making a deep impact on motorcycling culture and the communities they represent.

    ABATE was established in 1972 in California by a group of concerned motorcyclists who recognized the need for a collective voice to address the issues facing the motorcycling community. Over time, the movement spread like wildfire, leading to the formation of ABATE Organizations in nearly every state in the country. The central focus and mission of ABATE is to protect the rights and safety of motorcyclists while promoting the freedom and excitement of riding. 

    At the core of ABATE’s objectives is motorcycle safety. ABATE groups organize various programs and initiatives designed to educate riders and the general public about motorcycle safety practices. They conduct safety training courses, workshops, and seminars, often in partnership with local authorities and safety organizations. 

    One of the most successful initiates is their promotion of wearing helmets. While there have been debates over mandatory helmet laws, ABATE consistently emphasizes the importance of helmet usage and encourages riders to voluntarily adopt this safety measure. They believe that individual choice, rather than legislation, should govern the decision to wear a helmet. 

    ABATE groups are potent advocates for motorcyclists' rights. They actively engage with legislators and government agencies to shape motorcycle-related policies and legislation. Through grassroots efforts and a powerful network of members, ABATE influences decisions at the local, state, and even national levels.

    These groups play a critical role in challenging discriminatory laws and regulations that unfairly target motorcyclists. They fight against biased profiling by law enforcement agencies and work to ensure that motorcyclists are treated fairly on the road and within the legal system.

    ABATE groups are deeply ingrained in their local communities. They frequently organize charity rides, events, and fundraisers to support various causes, including veterans' support, children's charities, and other community projects. These activities help portray motorcyclists in a positive light, breaking stereotypes and fostering goodwill between riders and the public.

    The groups are also known for their inclusivity and open-mindedness. They welcome riders from all walks of life, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or background. This diversity within their membership contributes to the richness of their perspectives and strengthens their advocacy efforts.

    Across the United States, ABATE groups have evolved into powerful entities dedicated to promoting motorcycle safety, protecting riders' rights, and fostering a close-knit community of passionate motorcyclists. Through their education, advocacy, and charity work, they have made a significant positive impact on motorcycling culture and the communities they serve. ABATE's continued dedication to promoting the freedom and safety of motorcyclists ensures that they will remain a vital force in the American motorcycling landscape for years to come. 

    We encourage every motorcycle rider to support their local ABATE or other MRO (Motorcycle Rights Organization) in your state and join the movement for positive change. We also encourage riders everywhere to dedicate a bit of time and effort to support their local ABATE or MRO through membership, volunteering, attending their fundraising events and or spreading awareness. Your contributions can have significant impacts as these organizations work tirelessly to protect motorcyclists’ rights, enhance safety and promote responsible riding. So join the movement today and become a true part of the motorcycle community. We have provided below links to the ABATE websites for each state to help you find an ABATE Chapter near you.


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