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What's So Important About a Rider's Jacket?

  • What’s So Important About a Rider’s Jacket?

    Imagine how cool you would look rocking a brand new leather jacket, or throwing on your road worn jacket that’s seen thousands of miles, while you ride out with your buddies. But a riding jacket not only brings up your cool factor, it also serves a far more significant purpose to you as a rider. In fact, your jacket can save your life. A rider’s jacket is a lot of things. It embodies a rider’s individualism, sure, but it also will safeguard your body in the event of something going awry while you’re on your bike. 

    Motorcycle jackets were originally intended to shield riders from unforeseeable or unavoidable falls and accidents. Carefully designed and crafted from materials with exceptional abrasion resistance, like leather, your jacket is like a second skin. As such, it will safeguard against the inevitable debris that will naturally come your way during your rides. Moreso, many riders opt to add strategically placed armor or padding on crucial areas like the shoulders, back and elbows for additional protection.

    Your jacket will also serve to protect you from the elements. They are designed to protect you in the event that you get caught in a storm, and trust us, you will get caught in a storm. The makers of riding jackets make them with the rider’s needs clearly in mind. Jackets are made with weather resistant material and are water-proof. This will serve you well, especially on longer rides where the rain comes out of nowhere. You’ll thank yourself every single time you get caught off guard with your trusted shield. Taking it a step further, some jackets have even been designed with removable thermal liners or ventilation panels. Modern jackets truly have incorporated the best of technology and can help a rider maintain optimal body temperature throughout varied weather changes. 

    Taking it a step further, riding jackets also help mitigate diminished visibility on the road. Most riders know enough about riding to know that other motorists don’t see them in the best of conditions. Throw in some rain, sleet or other storm and suddenly you’re practically invisible. You do not want to be invisible on the road, especially in inclement weather. Luckily, many riding jackets have reflective panels or other high visibility features that will enhance your presence on the road. The best thing for any rider is making you as conspicuous as possible.

    Beyond their most urgent usefulness, your riding jacket will show off your personal style and flair.  And let’s face it, it’s better to make something useful a bit more fun. From adjustable cuffs, collar closures and waist straps, riders have options. Different designs feature various pocket designs, ventilation zippers, integrated water pouches for long rides and more. The options are truly endless when it comes to the style and comfort of even your most discernible riders. 

    And lastly, but certainly not least, jackets establish connections within the biker community. Motorcycle Clubs are various and the different members within those clubs carry distinct duties and roles and wear those titles, locations and other badges, more often known as “colors” proudly displayed on their jackets or vests. Riders wear their colors as a sign of reverence to the clubs to which they belong and the rider’s choice of embellishments serve as a visual manifesto to the spirit of said rider. There’s much to be said with respect to what a rider wears and each rider shares their story their way. This is the sense of riding culture - the path that defines it.

    So whether you are new to riding, or a seasoned rider, what you wear speaks volumes about who you are. Equally, the absence of a jacket also communicates your values and the kind of rider you truly are. So my friends, ride safely, and remember that your choice of attire really does play a significant role in representing your identity on the road.

    Written by: Lulu B (EventEditorLulu)


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