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Motorcycle Hand Signals

  • When riding with a group communications between riders can be difficult. The following is a list of common motorcycle hand signals for communicating between motorcyclists. Use them as you see fit.



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    Safety Note: All of these require that you take a hand or foot off the controls and this may not always be a good idea, so only do so when it is safe. All hand signals use the left hand.  Remember that not all motorcycle riders know all these motorcycle hand signals, so many may not heed the warning or information you are attempting to pass along.  If you are riding with a group of motorcyclists it is a good idea to go through these hand signals so everyone in your riding group gets the message.


    Original image source: Michael Padway & Associates




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  • blurplebuzz Just stumbled across this old post doin a search,and now I have a good refresher on group hand signals,also now I am curious who else use's these hand signals? are they worldwide? Anyone else have any variations on the above hand signals mentioned?

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