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Riding Along Pacific Coast Highway

  • Southern California weather has sure been odd.  One day we are flooded with rain and the next day, we can wear our bikinis and wash the bike!

    Saturday, March 5, 2011, was a perfect day for a ride.  We had just gotten over a couple of days of rain - and I don't want to hear those bikers from Seattle telling me I'm whining - and the sun came out early in the morning.  I was ready to go.

    Our friends, Rick (HB Rick) and his wife, Debi, were riding down to our place to join us.  We planned on going to that fun little bar in Sunset Beach called Mother’s Tavern.  Because the place is close by, we had to figure out a long and windy riding route.

    We took Laguna Canyon to Laguna Beach.  Beautiful!  I usually wear a leather jacket and chaps, no matter what the weather, but today I had on my tank top and took in the sun!

    As we approached Pacific Coast Highway, you could see the blue ocean for miles. I want to eventually move to Tennessee…but I will surely miss these ocean views on the bike.

    Unfortunately, there gets to be an area on PCH that has too many stop lights! I felt like we were never going to get there and my stomach was growling and my mouth was craving a beer.

    Ate lunch at the Harbor House Café and even though my stomach was growling, there was no way I could finish an entire burger.  This place must feed professional football players or something.  Lucky and I split a burger and I got my beer!  Yippee!

    The ride to Mother’s Tavern was so close, we were tempted to just push the bikes…but we didn’t.  The last time we were at Mother’s, there was a cute bulldog in the bar.  This time, there was an Australian Shepherd looking for peanuts to eat!  So cute!  That’s why I like this place…very laid back.

    Sadly, we couldn’t stay long.  Family things to tend to. So we ended up leaving right when the band started up.  Bummer.  I told Lucky he owes me.  I was having a really good time drinking my Bud Light in my mason jar and throwing my peanuts shells on the floor. (every now and then, giving a peanut to the dog.)

    Thankfully we did ride that Saturday because the next day, the temperature dropped to 55 degrees and it rained!  What’s happening to Southern California weather lately?


  • StreetBobGirl
    StreetBobGirl I'm jealous.
    Hopefully we'll get some warm days like that soon. Sounds like it was a good ride dispite the short distance.
    March 9, 2011
  • Lucky
    Lucky It was a short ride but always great to ride through the canyon then along the beach.
    March 9, 2011
  • wheels
    wheels Tennessee, are ya kiddin The skeaters will git ya!
    March 10, 2011