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California ABATE State Run - Kernville, CA

  • There is no easy way to get to Kernville!  But if you do make it, it’s worth it!  Lucky and I went to the California Abate Rally this past weekend in Kernville at Frandy Campground.

    On the Road with Russ & CindyWe left around 7:30 am and met up with our good friends Russ & Cindy (BikerCrap) in Norco.  From there, we went to Cajon and met up with another couple, Kevin and Bea.  We had more Abate riders coming, so we all waited at McDonald’s…in the heat!  Big Art, Jerry, Ida, and a couple others pull up and our group is ready to hit it.  We do the scenic route through Wrightwood, but hit a rough patch in downtown Lancaster and Palmdale!  Too many lights and it was about 100 degrees.  The later half of the group decided stop and eat, but us early birds wanted to get to our destination. 

    Went through Caliente and some really nice twisties and scenery.  Of course, my favorite scenery are the cows.  They are always so relaxed and laid back.  At Lake Isabella we make a wrong turn…thanks Kevin!  And by this time the heat has gotten to us and I haven’t eaten.  He figures it out soon enough and we turn around back towards the easier side of the lake to get to Kernville.  10 more miles!  Not soon enough.  Deb (Debrajo62) and Richard are already there with a great campsite on the Kern River! Thank you!  We set up camp, put up the Cyclefish Banner and quickly take off to the store for important stuff.  BEER AND ICE! Oh, and some food to cook, too.

    Our good friend we met in Hollister, Doc, shows up at dinnertime hollering, “where the hell am I?” He had come down the 155 from Manteca and those are some twisties. Now our group is complete and it’s time to party.  I will admit, I don’t remember much, but when I saw the pictures the next day…wow!  I must have had a great time! Patricia (bikermilf) and her husband Mark came by our campsite that night with an entire entourage!  They were making the rounds meeting everyone on what they named their Naked Walk-About.

    JohnsondaleThe next morning five of us (Deb, Richard, Doc, Lucky and me) decided to ride up Sierra Way, a nice mountain road along the Kern River.  The rest of the gang headed south to find the campground on the Kern River that Russ used to go to as a kid with his parents. The day is gorgeous for a ride with the sun shining not too hot and a cool breeze.  We ride up to Johnsondale.  Ever been to Johnsondale? I believe the sign for the city is just basically a landmark to let riders know they are going the right way to someplace.  Johnsondale, population: 1 ½.

    On our way back, we stopped at the Kern River Saloon for some beers.  The Kern River Saloon is a cool little biker bar right in the heart of Kernville.  Jana was a great bartender!  Her and Doc need to start their own stand up comic routine!

    The Gang at the Kern River SaloonJust wanted to say that the service was great and we had a good time there.  If you’re ever in the neighborhood of Kernville, stop in at the Kern River Saloon.

    One more trip back to the local grocery store for some food on the way back to our temporary home at good old Frandy Campground.  Back at the campsite, we BBQ'd some Rib Eye steaks and chowed down.  Deb and I took off our clothes (got your attention didn't I), and slipped into our bathing suits for some swimming in the Kern River.  Well, how about just drinking our beers and laying in the river just chillin’.  Deb and I were arranging river rocks into armchairs, while others were smarter and actually BROUGHT chairs into the River!

    We checked out the Weenie Bite contest and Bea won a trophy, as usual!  We are so proud of her! Later on the band comes on and not using river rocks, but actual chairs, we watched the concert and danced a bit.

    Dee with the Winning Weenie BiteThe next morning we rose at the crack of dawn or 8:00, to Deb making a great breakfast for all of us.  After we ate, we all began to tear down the tents and throw away the broken chairs, and punctured air mattresses (there are always some casualties at a biker rally). Once we were all packed, it was time for good-byes.  I always hate saying good-bye to our great rally friends, because I know it is going to be a while before we see them again.  We went across the street to meet up with Russ & Cindy and Kevin & Bea, who decided on a Mexican breakfast before leaving town.  We hit the road for home, this time taking the straightest route.

    Lucky and I had never been to the California Abate Rally.  We really enjoyed ourselves and will more than likely make this an annual event on our calendar.

    A sad note, in closing, the President of Abate in Bakersfield and his wife (Jim and Debbie Harmon) were killed Saturday morning when a car hit them head on.  Our thoughts and prayers are with their family.  Full Story on Jim & Debbie

    See the rest of the pictures in Lucky's Album








  • DebraJo
    DebraJo … and she was not kidding when she said, “ there is no easy way to get to Kernville !!!” We went the same way that Doc did down 99 to 65 to the dreaded 155. That road takes the cake over 49 for windy twisties, Seemed like we were going to meet...  more
    October 8, 2009
  • BikerCrap
    BikerCrap Hey...that's me and Cindy in the top pictures!!!!!

    yes, this really was no doubt a great time and we could not have spent it with a better bunch of folks. Cindy was feeling a little under the weather, the first night, but brightened right up when the...  more
    October 16, 2009