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Go Topless in Venice Beach, CA

  • Lucky and I rode to the start of a Poker Run by the Iron Workers and had a great breakfast at the restaurant The Starting Gate.  The place IS across the street from the Los Alamitos Race Track.  After breakfast, we rode the bike to Venice Beach for National Go Topless Day (August 23, 2009) to protest the law that bans women from going topless at the beach.


    We were lucky to have a motorcycle or we would not have found any parking!  We parked by some apartments along the canal in shade and I changed my clothes from jeans and boots to shorts and flip flops.  Can't be going to the beach dressed in leather!  Well, maybe.  It is Venice Beach, after all.  No one at Venice Beach is normal looking! 


    The weather was awesome!  80 degrees with a slight breeze.  We followed the signs along the Boardwalk to where the protest parade for National Go Topless Day would begin.  We found a little crowd handing out flyers.  I was a little nervous at first because it wasn't a Biker Rally, it was a public beach I would be doing this at.


    The woman running the show had a bull horn and called all the girls over to her to get their "nipple" pasties.  As all of us girls were putting on our pasties, we became instant celebrities with all these cameras going off taking pictures!  Men!  This is why women want to be topless at the beach.  Then it would not be such a camera frenzy.  It would be normal to see a woman's breast.  Right???


    About 50 topless girls proudly displaying their breasts gathered together at the beginning of the Boardwalk and held up signs to protest the law banning women from going topless at the beach.  My sign said "War is Indecent, not Women's Breasts!"  I like that.  The men that wanted to protest with us and be in the parade had to wear a bikini top.  Lucky wore a Cyclefish tank top for girls and rolled it up!  Looking hot, lucky!


    We started to slowly march towards Muscle Beach chanting "Free your Breasts!  Free your Mind!"  Using a bull horn and a microphone, the women marched and stopped intermittently to speak to the crowd about how unfair it is that women are not allowed to be topless at the beach.  They complained that we could get away with wearing a pastie over our nipples and it is legal.  But if we took them off, we would get a ticket.  Does that make sense?  NO! A woman could not even breastfeed her child in public without hiding and throwing a blanket over her breast.  In Europe, women are topless at the beach all the time.  This is a NORMAL practice.  Truly, a woman's breast is natural and beautiful, yet we make it a sexual thing and nasty.  That's just wrong.


    I have never protested anything before, so it was a fun experience for me!  And we did pass several police officers and all they did was smile because we had our pasties on!  We were within the law!


    So girls, I say to you:  Free Your Breast!  Free Your Mind!"


    For more information on supporting a woman's right to Go Topless, visit


    We hope to see a lot more of you at the 2017 National Go-Topless Day in your area on August 26th!


  • BMWToni
    BMWToni I'm proud of you HDBeech. You are probably too young to remember them, but I march in quite a few womens rights rallies myself back in the early 70s. Even burned my bra at a protest at Harvard University!
    August 28, 2009
  • Kaki
    Kaki HD, sounds like all the little biys want to see the boobie pictures
    August 28, 2009
  • KnotSo
    KnotSo This should be on the event calendar.
    I am up for a lil road trip for this umm cause.
    August 28, 2009
  • AzRider
    AzRider Still waiting on those pictures :-|
    September 7, 2009