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Redwood Run 2009 Recap

  • The Redwood Run Motorcycle Rally & Biker Party in Piercy, CA is my FAV Rally.  It does wear on my butt for the long trip, approximately 650 miles, but definitely worth it.  This year was no exception.

    Out of the house and on the bike at 4:30 am Thursday morning, June 11, 2009.  Met up with Russ and Cindy (aka: BikerCrap) in San Dimas and we are on our way.  The weatherman insisted that the entire rally weekend would have showers in Piercy, CA., where the Run is held.  So we brought rain gear and prayed that it would not rain!  Our prayers were answered!  The Redwood Run had gorgeous weather and my peeling nose is proof.

    Lucky did forget his CycleFish sign!  How were we supposed to meet all our CycleFish friends?  But the things you can do with an iPhone!  He found a wonderful sign place in Woodland, CA called Signs By Heck and they had it ready for us within hours.  If EVER you need a sign or banner or anything like that, contact these people.  They were great.

    Waiting for the Redwood  Run gates to openRiding up there, the only cold we hit was near Gorman and Lake Castaic.  I wish Lucky did not get that thermometer put on his bike because I'm always checking it....55 degrees and damp.  After that, it never went below 70 degrees until we got to Willits.  Usually we will get to our hotel in Willits, shower, and go the local pizza joint for beer and grub.  But since The Redwood Rally is getting so popular and we wanted our special camp site, we bought salami, cheese and beer at the grocery store and took it back to the room.  Snacked, drank, and went to bed even before the Lakers beat The Magic!  I know.........boorrrrring!

    Up again at 4:00 am and on the road to Piercy, 52 miles or so away.  FOG!  We always hit damp and cold morning weather from Willits to Piercy, but never this much fog.  I was a little concerned about Lucky hitting a deer.  But we made it and got a good spot in line.  Now the cold part of waiting around until they open the gate and then it is a "free for all" to get a camping spot!  It's like musical chairs only with motorcycles!

    The CycleFish banner is up!We did get our spot and hung up our "" sign in front of our tent.  Before we even finished unpacking, Raywood (Ray) comes looking for Lucky.  We met Raywood on Cyclefish.  A few hours after that, HighRisk (Jeff)  and his wife Deener1183 (Denise) show up, too!  Also, Cyclefish friends.  08StreetGlide (Tony) and his wife Danielle come over and so did bigbear (Kim) and his son.  It was totally cool to meet all these CycleFish users in person!  Boy did we all party!  Raywood's wife could not make it, unfortunately, but I look forward to meeting her sometime soon in a future rally! 

    The next day on stage is the moment we are all waiting for....The Wet T-Shirt Contest!  alt   So us girls were watching it cause Burly Man (burlyman1055, another CycleFish person!)  was the DJ/Announcer and he was going to give away our CycleFish tank tops to the girls!  Burly Man was wonderful!  He did a great job talking about CycleFish and BikerCrap.  Oh, and the girls were pretty good, too!  Maybe one of the guys that went to Redwood would like to blog in more detail about the Wet T-Shirt Contest!

    Putting the CycleFish tattoos on every boob I couldAfter the contest comes the CycleFish Corner Street Party.  We all line up our chairs on the road and drink, drink, drink and hold up our "Flash" signs to the girls that go by.  I was an instigator and that's all I'll say....but most of the guys appreciated that I was putting CycleFish Redwood Rally temporary tattoos on the ladies' boobs.  I had to hold them in place with a wet sponge.  You get the picture.  alt  I even got a few girls to take their top off and put on a CycleFish tank top.  Wish you were there.................

    Saying goodbye was not fun.  Sunday morning everyone is packing their tents and heading to their homes.  This was one of the best times I've ever had at The Redwood Run.  I am so glad to have met these wonderful people this past weekend!  I know we will all get together again in Redwood next year, but I'm hoping we can hook up sooner.

    Last ones out after saying our goodbyes!


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