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JuneBug Boogie 2024 Recap

  • The 2024 JuneBug Boogie:

    Everything You Need To Know About This Year’s Epic Motorcycle Rally in Tennessee

    by: Lulu B

    Motorcycle enthusiasts, thrill seekers and regular folks too, all look forward to the epic motorcycle rally that is the JuneBug Boogie each year. The 2024 Spring JuneBug Boogie took off without a hitch and was an all-around success. This year’s Boogie took place from June 20th through the 23rd and brought in bikers from across the nation. Featuring a whirlwind of exciting activities, unique performances and so many unforgettable moments that you just had to be there to truly experience.

    We had the opportunity to have a chat with Amber. Amber, who along with Herbert, officially runs the JuneBug Boogie, and Amber gave CycleFish the 411 on everything that went down at this year’s rally. Amazingly, we learned that Amber doesn’t just run the rally, she gets down and dirty. Amber wears many hats so that we can all experience the magic of the JuneBug rally. We found that there’s nothing that Amber won’t do for her rally goers. From selling tickets at the front gate, to picking up trash, helping set up the foam party, setting up marketing and scheduling live musical performances, she really does a lot. Herbert does an amazing job each year emceeing the event, as well as a whole lot more to get the venue in order, and ensure everything is in tip top shape for the event. Amber and Herbert’s heart-felt dedication and hands-on approach made sure eager and excited guests were taken care of and that every detail was covered, allowing the JuneBug Rally to shine as brightly as it always does.


    One of the standout scenes from the JuneBug Boogie was the Glow Foam Party. Equipped with a foam machine and black lights, this biker party turned into an all-out neon wonderland. Initially planned as a quick, passerby activity, the foam party was such a hit that it went on to entertain party goers for hours! Attendees could be seen decked-out in neon outfits while they danced freely and let loose in a foamy extravaganza that just would not end!
    The rally also featured downhill Barbie car races, adding both a playful as well as a competitive edge to the festivities. The helicopter ride was an undeniable highlight of the entire rally. Amidst the endless biker games, and musical performances, the helicopter pilot threw out a blow-up doll, causing the crowd to erupt in roaring cheers and laughter. The unexpected addition of a slip-and-slide further amped up the fun, with rally goers taking a refreshing plunge.
    After more than a decade putting on these rallies, The JuneBug Boogie has seen a shift in attendance over the years.


    While the number of attendees has decreased from the rally's early days, those who do come bring a lot more with them—5th wheels, buses, and an array of fun toys that make camping and rallying so much more fun. This year’s attendance didn't quite reach 2,000, but the presence of numerous vendors added to the event’s appeal.
    The live musical performances were absolutely top notch! The Naked Karate Girls, an 80s band known for their energetic performances and quirky costumes, were a major hit with all attendees. The rally also hosted a myriad of other entertainers, such as Crystal Miller, a ventriloquist, who wowed the crowd with her amazing talents. Her performance was beyond extraordinary.


    Overall, Amber’s favorite part of the event was the overwhelming sense of community and positivity. “Everybody is just so awesome. So many good things were being said. Everybody was just so loving, so that to me made everything worth it,” she shared.

    Planning for the JuneBug Boogie is no small feat. The team begins preparations a month in advance, from killing weeds and mowing grass to gathering supplies and securing sponsors. Amber starts booking bands and arranging logistics as early as December for the next year’s rally. After the event, cleanup takes about a week.

    The 2024 JuneBug Boogie was a testament to the enduring spirit of the rally community. The event was an all around success, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. Amber and Herbert's hard work and the collective energy of the bikers ensured that the JuneBug Boogie remains a cherished tradition. And, finally we want to thank all of our wonderful sponsors and vendors. Without them we could not put on this amazing event.

    The next rally is the JuneBug "Boogie Too" is slated for September 26-29, 2024. Stay tuned for the Fall Rally’s musical lineup as well as further details. So put in that vacation time now and hopefully, we will all see you there in September!