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Tallahassee Bike Fest - Band Announcements & VIP Tickets

  • April 11-14, 2024
    Apalachee Regional Park

    Tallahassee Bike Fest entertainment lineup
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    Friday Night, April 12 | Whey Jennings & Special Guests Live!

    If you recognize the name, then you already know the man was born into one of country music’s most iconic family names, and he's paved the way for himself in the country music scene. Seeking to establish his own musical legacy as one of the few remaining torch-bearing country traditionalists out there, Whey can instantly take his fans back to a time and sound his Grandfather Waylon and Grandmother Jessi gave birth to in the 70s.

    There will be additional performances by Marc Ridge, Sam Lowe, and two well-known local bands.

    This year, Friday night concerts will be at Legacy at the Riverfront, featuring a stunning riverside backdrop providing two stages, two areas, and a bar to help create a vibrant atmosphere for riders to enjoy the live performances.

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    Friday night tickets get you access to all performances and partial proceeds fund veterans in need.

    Saturday Night, April 13 | Twista & Tally Bike Fest After-Party

    2 DJ's | 2 Areas | Performance by Twista

    Twista, is a pioneering rapper known for his lightning-fast delivery and intricate rhyme schemes. According to Guinness World Records in 1992, he is best known for his chopper style of rapping and for holding the title of fastest English-speaking rapper in the world. Rising to fame in the 1990s, his breakthrough hit "Po Pimp" with Do or Die solidified his place in the rap scene. With chart-topping albums like "Kamikaze" and a reputation for lyrical prowess, Twista remains a revered figure in hip-hop.

    So... get ready to turn up the heat with Twista at our Bike Fest After-Party at Legacy at the Riverfront! With Twista on the mic, it's guaranteed to be a night filled with energy, excitement, and impact.

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