Ladies Who Ride 2011

  • It was a perfect sunny Southern California day for the Cook's Corner Ladies Who Ride event to celebrate women and raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer.  And despite the name "Ladies Who Ride", guys - this was the place to be!!!

    I can't tell you about the pre-ride at Fullerton Harley-Davidson, or the ride down to Cook's Corner because I got a late start and just headed right over to Cook's (a whopping 5 miles from my house).  As I rode down El Toro Rd I knew it was going to be a good event because the number of bikes to cars switched in favor of bikes the closer I got to the canyon.   Now we all know on any given Sunday there will be 100+ bikes outside of Cook's Corner, but I had never seen it anything like this.  As soon as I passed that last traffic light on El Toro Rd the bikes were already lining both sides of the street, the main lot and all of the overflow lots were full, and the bikes were lining the street for 100s of yards past the bar.  So I did what any lazy guy would do and rode back and forth until someone parked close pulled out so I wouldn't have to walk too far!

    As I walked up though the crowd in the parking lot wandering around looking at the 100s of bikes, I could already hear the familiar voice of Disco (Tom Loveland of Fullerton Harley-Davidson) coming over the p.a. system getting the crowd going and letting everyone know about all the events that would be happening throughout the day.  Once inside I found a crowd that was probably the biggest crowd I had ever seen at Cook's Corner, which wasn't all that surprising since this was for a great cause, and Cook's Corner is undisputedly the most popular Biker Bar in Southern California.  Then the panic set in - with all these people, how long is it going to take to get a beer?!?!  But no problem there... All three bars were open and well staffed and servers wandering the crowd outside.  You can always count on Rhonda to make sure everything is taken care of.  I'm not sure what Rhonda's official title is at Cook's Corner, but I think "Goddess of Getting Things Done" fits well!  When I asked Rhonda how many people were there, she looked at the crowd, did some quick math in her head, and told me her best estimate was just a little over sh!t load.

    Disco announced Liquerbachs - a GREAT So Cal local band - who took the stage playing some good old time rock n' roll.  As the band played I wandered through the crowd meeting a lot of our CycleFish members and telling everyone else about CycleFish.  One of my favorite things to do is wander through the crowd just checking out the diverse group of bikers that come to these events.  Everyone from retired school teachers riding out on their weekend machines, to patch wearing club members - all coming out to support a great cause.

    After a few sets from the band, Disco and Rhonda took the stage to raffle off some of the fantastic prizes donated by the sponsors of the event (of course there was no need for me to even pull out my tickets since I have never won a damn thing in the hundreds of these events I have attended).  Immediately following the raffle the contests were set to begin!  Now since this was billed as Ladies Who Ride, it was only appropriate that the events start with something for the ladies... A male hard body contest!  A group of guys ranging from the 20-something body builders to the 60-something retired Marine took the stage strutting their stuff for the ladies.  Some showing a little more skin than others and even collecting a few tips from the more assertive ladies!  I thought about jumping on stage myself, because nothing says sexy more than a beer belly and a biker tan! Then another treat for the ladies as two male strippers took the stage.

    Now something for all the guys that showed up to support Breasts (I mean Breast Cancer), it was time for the ladies wet t-shirt contest.  As Rhonda and Disco called the ladies to the stage, the crowd in front of the stage began to build (imagine that).  Six or seven of Southern California's finest ladies took to the stage as Disco and the male strippers wet them down one by one.  The shirts didn't last long but that certainly didn't stop Disco from wetting them down!  I'm sure glad it wasn't up to me to pick the winner, because based on the crowd reaction for each of the girls, they were all winners.

    After the contests there were a few more raffles and auctions, Liquerbachs finished up their ALL day performance on the outdoor stage and Heartless took to the inside stage to keep the party going into the night.

    Thanks to Cook's Corner and all of the generous sponsors for making this another great event.

    Proceeds will go to the Cordelia Knott Wellness Foundation.  The benefit will help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer!

    story by Lucky

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  • CarLow
    CarLow Hey Lucky, I saw you up on the stage but by time I could get through the crowd I couldn't find you. Maybe next time we meet.
    July 19, 2011
  • Lucky
    Lucky Damn Carlos, that's the second tome we've been in the same place at the same time and didn't get to meet. We need to plan this better next time :0 Hope you had a good time at the event!
    July 19, 2011