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No Justice cont.

  • At 5'1" and a tad over my ideal weight I'm sure I AM intimidating! I can see how one might feel it will take an army of men to scare me and my sons and beat me down til I'm nothing instead of just agreeing to leave me the hell alone. I mean, really?

    Sorry, to be whining again. Just got back into town and to this email from one of the stalkers friends "pull another stunt like you did last week at hhb, and you're ******!"

    My lawyer and ex husband are blowing it off as if i sweep this under the rug the threat will just disappear. I KNOW this guy stalking, I know his pal and have seen how scary crazy they both can get when they get messed up. Heading to the local PD tomorrow with the naive hope that the cops will give a crap and protect me, hasn't been effective for the last year, no one cares!

    The friend needs to be charged and arrested for communicating a threat (I do have the email), but I can also hear his voice in my head dammit, I know what he is really saying to me. The stalker should be charged for enlisting the assistance of another to threaten to cause me harm and duress, isn't this the start of what could become a beating for hire? Or worse?

    These are NOT idle threats to me, not anymore dammit and I am sick of everyone acting like I'm over reacting, what's it going to take for the law to help me? A photo of my sons crying over the body of their Mother beaten, I pray not to death.

    This is all because I said NO, that my boys come first, that drinking and drugs were NOT to be a part of any environment my children or myself would be around. I told this man to respect me enough to leave me alone and that avoiding each other would have been sufficient, in the beginning.

    I'm sick, angry at nearly everyone, I'm so tired of being afraid and feeling I must hide under my bed or run away. I am so anxious to LIVE MY LIFE again. And I am beginning to feel hatred, at the system far more than these two assholes, and I am full of disgust for those who have only encouraged me to be weak, meek, and to let this scumbag win this battle.

    I have no idea how to deal with this, and I am sad, tired and angry.

    My sons depend on me to protect THEM and keep them safe, I also owe it to the world to use this whole experience as a tool to raise them to be better men, but so far all they have seen is how women are victims, unprotected.

    I AM SICK, and about to get very, very angry.


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  • hgsc90 I am sorry to hear of the lack of support there. You are a strong person that can overcome the crap of the past and build a strong resolve for your family. Keep your faith in those who support you and continue to engage them.
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