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Motorcycle Windshield - Long Ride Shields Review

  • Product Reviewed: Road King 18" Tinted Windshield - Custom Engraved

    Manufacturer: Long Ride Shields

    MSRP: Unit Reviewed $165 (Others Vary by Model)

    Reviewed By: Lucky

    Overall Rating: Excellent

    Where To Buy: Long Ride Shields Website

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    Manufacturer's Description:

    Long Ride Shields Windshields are formed using a special heat forming method to preserve the optical clarity of the material. As a part of the forming, a Flip-up, or re-curve, is formed at the top of the windshield which deflects wind over the rider’s head. Our design has been tested and proven to maximize the amount of wind deflection while allowing for the least amount of drag.

    Currently, most LRS windshields are made from Impact Modified Acrylic. Our ELITE series of windshields are made from Glass-Coated Polycarbonate material.


    Like a lot of riders I just wasn't happy with the stock windshield that came on my bike - For me it is a 2007 Harley Davidson Road King.  The stock windshield was too big which I didn't like for two reasons... First it just looked gaudy and second the top of the stock windshield was right in my line of sight so I was always adjusting my riding position to look over it because I hate to look through it.

    What I wanted was a smaller windshield that would still server its purpose - shielding the wind - while looking stylish at the same time.  I also wanted a slight tint, mainly for appearance and of course I wanted the CycleFish logo engraved in the windshield!

    The Long Ride Shields 18" Road King Windshield with Light Tint and optional custom engraving suited all of my needs and most importantly at a GREAT price - just $114.95 for the windshield and $50 for the etching of the CycleFish logo - making the tinted windshield with custom engraving less than a stock replacement from Harley Davidson and every one of the other after-market manufacturers I checked.

    I used the measuring tips on the Long Ride Shields website to determine that the best windshield height for me was the 18".  That puts the top of the windshield just about level with my mouth allowing me to clearly see over it in any riding position.  Even being about 2 ½" shorter than the stock windshield, the unique re-curve design of the Long Ride Shield (a slight outward curve at the very top of the windshield) provides the same, if not slightly improved wind protection of the stock windshield.

    Adding the custom etched logo was also made very easy on the Long Ride Shield website.  I simply emailed them my logo and they send back a computer generated mock-up of how the logo would be positioned on the windshield for approval.  Once I approved the design my windshield arrived within days!

    Overall I would highly recommend a Long Ride Shield as a replacement or add on motorcycle Windshield!



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