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Did you see that on that bike?

  • Yesterday I was traveling on Interstate 40 between Conway and Little Rock, Arkansas. I saw a few bikes along the way. Then, all of a sudden this sport bike comes by with a nice mean growl. I glance over and there is this cute gal that is short and couldn't weigh more than 100lbs dressed in designer jeans and a sleeveless top piloting the mean little sport bike. I don't know if her feet could touch the ground, but she looked great leaned into that beautiful growling 4. I guess y'all can tell I didn't pay that much attention to the cute gal piloting it huh? lol

    Today at a small town festival that attracts the local bikers, A  guy comes to me as I parked mine in line. He commented, "I've got this all figured out! The Harley guys all look and dress like pirates, and you BMW types look like armadillos with all the padded mesh jackets on all the time, and those full face helmets." I had to acknowledge that he was right. We had a good conversation. By the way, this was the Armadillo Festival in Hamburg, AR.

    Saw a guy near 80 years old on a scooter while blowing the horn, looking and laughing at the crowd. A lady came up in this orange looking trike built like a car. It had a steering wheel, air conditioner, trunk like a car, Goldwing type seats with backrests, and a Ford Ranger engine. About the time I think that I've seen it all you guys continue to amaze, entertain, and draw me back to the next gathering.

    Love the ride and enjoy every minute of it.


  • RufCut LC, the heritage is a hidden monoshock (softail) design and the RK is the baby of the touring line. And T's price estimates are probably pretty close for a new bike out the door.
  • Jonesy1340 yeah rK's are flh's and hertiages aren' looks like T rides a granny glide..and she's not even a granny...well i don't think she;s a granny...maybe someone outa ask her...T are ya granny or not?
  • blurplebuzz Speaking of customs,saw a bike today with a triple skull headlight and the whole bike done up in a skull motif rite down to the wheels.Didnt get a chance to stop n ask abt it,yet it was incredible!! We have some local people that do some really nice...  more
  • bluto Hey LCS, if you ever get a chance, keep an eye out for an HD Demo Days at a dealer in your area. It is a day worth spending if you are thinking of buying one. You get to ride pretty much every bike they make, even their trike, it's alot of fun.
    I rode...  more