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down time ii

  • So i got the bike back, James gaskets on the back cylinder and standard HD on the front can you believe it..3 set of gaskets. My mate the mechanic was pissed off. So was I, my other mate who I kind of crapped on just laughed at me. Next time he said, you know where to bring it. I said yep...Seems like trouble runs in 3's my front disk was worn out...I suppose that even front rotors do wear out eventually..trouble was i couldn't fix them i had no money left...the mechanic I went to this time said no problem I'll go pick up a new disc and pads and you can pay when ever...Sorry once bitten twice shy...I  didn't ride... well that lasted a whole day and half...I rang my mate...the real mechanic..say i need a floater rotor and a set of pads how much ...I'll check with my dad...he says..His dad is an ex shop owner who deals in HD..He rang back gave me a price and now i have a new disc rotor a floater and a new set of pads...spose I'm good for another, 12 years or so...oh the price....$260 fitted. Yeah I know but I'm old and lazy...and broke. But I'm going away this weekend for a chapter opening..and then in 2 weeks time Thunderbolt ...I need some ride time...