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down time

  • Talk about something that sux bigtime...Down Time. my cycle has nearly 60,000 miles on it...the heads have never been off it since new..I blew a head gasket and it needed to be fixed, I also found out the oil rings needed changing biggy...cylinders have been honed one shiny spot on the problem at all. Now it's been 2 weeks and the front head gasket won't seal..engine 's been pulled down again 2 sets of gaskets later...and its still do the heads....and tonight will be the 3rd time it will under go a road test to see if the head seals..fingers crossed...96 evo's...great while they go..if they develop a sux big time..

    Some might think 60k miles isn't much and maybe its not....but this is the second go round..I had another an 87 model...evo...and didn't i wack some miles on that one...I'm getting my money's worth outa HD...but it maybe time for an engine upgrade or a newer bike altogether...either that or pull the other one out the shed and get her going..a 93 fxr... 


  • Jonesy1340
    Jonesy1340 well i got her back this morning...the mechanic reckons that a fibre gasket would be if that is the case why didn't he use one..
    April 12, 2013
  • Bitchy
    Bitchy Sop he can charge you again.
    April 17, 2013