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following the line ii

  • The line stretched out before me, the riders get into their stride fairly quickly, for the most part the guys have been riding together for over 5 years. At times we are staggered at other times we are side by side...what ever the formation, we keep it fairly tight. Stick to one lane and just flow with it. Riding the freeway gets you there the quickest. But the freeway is boring. We ride the freeway to get out of the local area, we switch to a heavy vehicle corridor for 20miles, but this is through bushland, so you have to watch for animals even in broad daylight as a wayward roo will bring a bike down as quick as a deer. Speaking of deer we have those too, and are becoming a problem, but more so at night when they come out of the scrub to feed on the sides of the roads.

    All to soon we are back on Hwy 1...which cuts the east coast in 2. It's by far the quickest way north and south and has the most spent on it to keep it in shape. You can put alot of miles on sticking to it. It's also a HP magnet. Big groups of bikes draw them like bees to honey...So we never stay on it long. Within an hour we are 50 miles from home with still the best riding to come. The Putty road...I've never understood why its called the Putty road..cause its nothing like putty...But its a 2 lane blacktop that cuts its way from Western Sydney into the middle of the Hunter valley. Long sweeping bends, tight canyon style declines, and not much traffic. It's a dangerous road at the best of times...just the type of road us bikers love.  Full stops are our biggest concern, as usually the gas stations we stop at aren't like those of the USA and they can't handle volume sales. They don't like us much, as usually there is only one console operator, but after a couple of minutes they relax and get into the swing of it. We don't rip no one off...and they make a bundle real quick. But its the time...fill up roll out fire up a cigarette, stand arouind in small groups talking, then 30 minutes later we are off again. When you get along way to travel it takes it's toll...and before long you find yourself heading into darkness with still 50 miles or so to go. But I'm jumping ahead....    


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  • LCStrat
    LCStrat The crew I ride with really likes running the interstates, but I'm the guy who will run those to make time, but is looking for the scenic, curvy, and rural routes whenever possible. Enjoy the rides and fellowship ^5
    January 17, 2013